California Laws Kill Police—But Forget That, It’s *Not* What This Is About

LA TIMES - “After long negotiations, [a jovial-looking ] Gov. Jerry Brown and [happy-looking Guatemala-descended] state Senate leader Kevin de León came to a compromise on the ‘sanctuary state’ bill.” (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press) - and JAFRIEDBERG IMAGES

California Laws Kill Police


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Forget that a legally-emigrated police officer was murdered by a known, illegal Mexican gangbanger. Forget the agony of his family, loved ones (including wife and 5-month old baby), fellow officers, K-9 partner, and friends. Forget that he lost his life. Forget that he had dedicated himself to order and law, and all that was fine.

Forget that the skulking Democrats—apparently in blind zeal to see their socialist, pie-in-the-sky, unicorn-fart, Socialist utopia—won’t even discuss the matter, in an ongoing politicized coverup.

Just forget about it all.

It apparently doesn’t matter. None of it.

This brings me to tears….


“…a California law enforcement officer was murdered by an illegal [Mexican] alien who he was attempting to arrest for what would have been the illegal’s THIRD DUI crime…thanks to California’s sanctuary laws, this illegal [Mexican] had already been arrested for and convicted of two DUIs, has known gang affiliation, and despite all of that had been allowed to just get out of jail and roam free on the state’s highways to put more lives in danger….

“…that murder took place four days ago now, and in all that time, not one Democrat officeholder has been asked by one intrepid “journalist” to comment on the situation. Think about that: California has 53 members of the house and 2 U.S. senators, and not one of them has had to field a single question about how they can continue to support open borders and sanctuary laws when their state’s police officers and citizens are being murdered by illegal [Mexican and other] aliens.”

Just forget all this. Not important; Democrat Power seems not to care.

It obviously doesn’t matter to the apparently propagandized, indoctrinated, Marxist/socialist, lunatic Democrats. Not in what remains of poor old California, or in even the hell-hole, political cess-pool of swampy Washington, DC.

No It doesn’t matter. Democrats aren’t talking. It’s not a national problem to them. It doesn’t even seem to be a problem. Just business as usual. Maybe they think the cop had no “right” to stop a Mexican illegal? Maybe California “belongs” to Mexico, and the cop “had no jurisdiction?” Maybe he even risked big payoffs from drug lords to them?

I don’t know about any of that.

This whole “immigration” thing, it must be all right. Right?

I mean—the fricking Pope and Nancy Pelosi state that these “immigants” are holy and sanctified, way better than Americans, and that these “refugees” are “the future of America.”

These two politicized actors even wash and kiss feet for “them. “ In public.


I don’t know what these Democrat loons think. I do believe, however, that the Democrats don’t give a flying crap about YOU, vato.

What is a “vato?” You might have trouble looking up the true meaning, because “normal” online dictionaries seem to do backflips trying to cover up that very true meaning. I guess maybe they are tools of the ruling Liberal Elite that controls and creates languages, in these serf-dominating days.

But I found documentation of the true meaning of “vato.” What you are now, vato.

I found the same meaning that was explained to me by a Mexican “yoot,” when I was at AOL.Com, in New Mexico. (There are a lot of Mexicans in New Mexico! )

Here it is:

SpanishDict.Com: “Vato – According to the Urban Dictionary it’s Mexican slang and can mean ‘dude’ or ‘homeboy.’ Vato.”

See? It’s because you don’t exist. You used to, but not anymore. You have been absorbed into the collective. Mexico is right here among us. Democrats and their enablers in the media, in entertainment, athletics, and even the kitchens of America—they all tell us “immigrants” are ascendant and are “the future of America.”

I mean, Democrats say it—so it must be true. Right?

We have already been infiltrated and commandeered by a foreign power. Invaded. Caravans and “refugees” come here waving their home-boy, dude-country flags, and singing their down-home national anthems. They apparently have zero desire to become North Americans—not in EL Norte.

We are now seemingly toys to play with. “Immigrants” come here, bringing their old “shit-hole” countries with them. Their ways, traditions, practices, and habits. From the body-count and death toll around us, we have seemingly become animals to be teased, burglarized, robbed, beaten, tortured, raped, and killed in the streets.

Almost as if we were just cops, or something, ey vato?

”Laws” protect criminals and legitimate immigrants. The problem seems to be that criminals are blended in one collection with the legitmates, like some party-pretzel peanut mix.

You no longer exist as a free, creative, imaginative, and lawfully protected, old-time American. Why—if you were to even BREATHE those words OUT in public, you could be persecuted, Twittered, Facebooked, beaten, arrested, or killed. Almost like you were just a cop, or something.

So keep it to yourself, right, vato?

Because, otherwise—the Democrats, or their violent Army Of The South, just might….




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