Capitalists, Communists, democrats, Republicans, Media, Jews, Muslims, The Church.


Capitalists, Communists, and all….


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Everybody has a system.

Everybody has their own System.

Everybody wants everybody else to OBEY that System.

Capitalists. Communists. Democrats, Republicans. Media. Jews. Muslims. The Church. They all want ME to be a cog in their machine?


They want, I should “write to Congress?”


I should, “write to the Senate?”


Congress, the Senate, democrats, Republicans, the Pope—WHOever—they should all, already, know what to do. They should not need my advice. They should know what they want. What needs to happen. Which way to vote for which bill. How things ought to be, or can be fixed up.

Or they should go back to their damned hardware store, or fricking law office or state building—wherever the hell they came from.

But they don’t need me. I elected them to lead, not follow.

I didn’t elect them to follow some focus group. Or public opinion. Or the god-damned donors.

And if they don’t know what they want, what to do, which way to vote for a bill—then, let them rot.

Americans—real Americans, not freeloaders, invaders, or hangers on—we are called to defend this Country and its crumbling Constitution with our lives, money, freedom, and honor.

We are mandated by History—not by coifed politicians and perfumed celebrities. We are not Called to be “polite.” History is not “civil.”

We The People, are “raw”—we are humanity.

We are Mandated to serve, work, pay, and die.

And the least thing the damned rulers could do, is lead.

Lead us forward, or back. It doesn’t matter. Because if everyone were honest and independent, the world could find its own way. The world would find a way.

Humanity’s drive for survival would sort things out. Humanity’s creative imagination and ability to reason would lead the way.

But, the first thing we have to do is—first, we lose the politicians and their lawyers. Then we let their Systems Implode.

We do things only in the name of human Survival. Everything we do is based upon surviving.

And that would make us serious, and formidable. That would make us human. That would make sense.

Thomas Paine, where are you?

Why…he’s right here. We are all Thomas Paine.

If we choose to be.

Stand up, speak out, kick ass and take names, write, blog, publish—but do something.

Do something real.



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