Philadelphia, Independence Hall, 1776


CORRUPTION? Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin, 1776

Philadelphia Democrat Corruption:

KIDS, I was born in Philadelphia. When I attended Temple University, I commuted through “black” neighborhoods, by foot, car, and subway, daytime and night.

I went on, to have a high level, private-eye career in Philadelphia, for forty years. I belonged to the lowest and highest circles.

I sleuthed the mean streets, and knew men who were janitors.

I was a 32nd Degree Mason, and knew men of Power.

I’ve heard my name whispered, “That’s Jeff Friedberg, the private eye.”

I’ve heard my name shouted, “Jeffrey Friedberg, HALT, or I’ll shoot!”

I’ve prowled every street. I’ve been in every major board room. I’ve represented white names you might know. I’ve defended black names you never heard of.

I’ve walked and talked with Philly’s most privileged and protected. I’ve sat in dark tenements amid cockroaches and babies in diapers.

Politicians whom I knew—like Jimmy Tayoun—they went to prison. And then they died.

I’m still somehow alive.

I’ve watched Philly sink from sophistication and Glory—into a cesspool of lies, deceit, violence, and corruption.

In my opinion, this video, below, nails it all down tight as any coffin in a Philly “layout.” This video is not polite. This video tells the truth. This video kicks ass.

I was there.

This video explains how the once majestic city of Ben Franklin, and the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitutional Convention of 1776 Itself, has imploded.

This has all happened at the hands of corrupt, inefficient, enslaving democrats— who’ve destroyed and re-enslaved the black family unit.

The strong, educated, black family existed; I KNOW that because I was there. It was 1940. It was 1950. It was 1960–and then it soon all went to hell.

It went to hell When the democrat Pharaoh,  Lyndon Baines Johnson, declared his “War On Poverty,” and destroyed the black family, the black father, the black mother, and the black child.

WHY he —LBJ— is now a hero to black people, I have no idea.

As testament to the brainwashing Power of a democrat propaganda machine, Lyndon Baines Johnson once  said of black people:

“I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years….”

“…These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”


And yet—from out of their ruin and squalor, blacks still vote in a solid democrat bloc—for things they never get; for things that never happen; for empty promises and democrat lies.

I watched President Lyndon Johnson and his fellow democrats turn Philadelphia into a drug and crime-infested sh*thole.

Lyndon Baines Johnson—LBJ—A Modern Pharaoh

I was AT the 1964 Democrat Convention—with real credentials on a lanyard—up in the rafters of Atlantic City Convention Hall, with Bobby Kennedy, Averil Harriman, and others.

I was there.

Kids, this Waste Land—as Philadelphia has now become: it’s the democrat plan for all that remains of America. It’s the democrat, communist Plan.




Bob Hansler, Survivalist YouTube Star


Today I had a phone conversation with Bob Hansler—the popular YouTube Survival Expert.

I don’t know Bob’s politics, I never mentioned mine, and the subject never came up.

Here’s Bob’s public Bio:

Expert in Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Primitive Skills as well as a certified shooting instructor. Bobs former life as a Biologist, and Teacher aids him in his understanding of the natural world around him, as well as the animal kingdom and its inner workings. Bob is an experienced Horseman, Farrier, Blacksmith, as well as a Leather worker. Bob has been a lifetime advocate of Boy Scouts, and an Eagle Scout himself….

For more information and to follow Bob on his adventures in the wilds of Texas, visit his youtube Channel at


I didn’t interview Bob or take notes. We just talked a bit. He’s quite philosophical. He’s engaging, experienced in Living, and rather brilliant.

Bob Hansler is my favorite YouTube person. He hosts a wilderness survival channel where I learned to forage food in the wild; and to catch, clean, and cook fish, snakes, mammals, insects, and other wild bushcraft skills.

I’m from da concrete and asphalt of South Philly! But this wilderness stuff—I love it.

I think almost everybody wants to know how to survive in the wilderness, and how to do what Bob does. For me Bob is the best and most sincere on this topic.

I’ve seen Bob Hansler copied and emulated by other popular YouTube personalities—as in his presentation on poison ivy, and on even Bear Grylls.

Bob is funny. I saw him wrestle and pin a giant, armored gar fish. He had this monster pinned to the ground but it kept fighting. Clinging in a hug to the giant fish and pinning it, Bob coolly remarked, “I love my gar.”

Bob Hansler Pinning Giant Armored Gar – YouTube

It was funny 🙂

Bob’s videos consist basically of him getting right into the thick of whatever he’s explaining or demonstrating. This can take place deep inside his own, “Lost World,” Texas property—in summer or winter.

The point is, Bob Hansler demonstrates and teaches by actually doing it—by doing the thing itself.

So, if the topic is—say—making fish-traps, Bob Hansler will be right there, wet to the bone, down in the mud of his own creek, intensely showing how to make a fish-trap. He is dedicated and tireless. That’s just how he is. It comes across.

Or he could be skinning a rattle snake, building a Paiute deadfall trap, cooking up a mess of craw-dads, trapping packrats to be relocated, or foraging for edible vegetables and plants. He’s very straightforward and sincere.

Part of Bob Hansler’s online charm is his sincere intensity. His interest in the topic, and his confidence in his training. He makes it all look effortless, as if he has been doing it for a lifetime. And—kids—he really has been doing it for a lifetime

Bob Hansler is deep, compassionate, and educated. He can talk tree-grubs or mitochondria. Snake skins or DNA. He holds Nature sacred. He seeks to share his knowledge to help build a better world.

And he holds quietly within himself a feeling of Wonder at what drives it all. What might turn the great wheel of Nature from beginning to ending.

When you’re watching Bob Hansler on YouTube, you’re not just seeing some simple farm-boy. You’re in the presence of a working intellect focused on teaching you, but in awe of what he is teaching.

A popular inhabitant of Bob Hansler’s wild world is “Huck The Inscrutable”—the most laid-back, tail-less dog you have ever seen. Huck is in charge of security, taste-testing Bob’s cooking, and critiquing the action.


Bob is also occasionally joined by his college-age daughter, Bre, who assists, who sometimes hosts her own survival channel, and who has watched over him in the past.


A few years ago Bob Hansler had suffered two debilitating retina detachments. He had completely lost all use of his right eye, and was considered blind in his left eye.

Bob’s blindness at the time was tragically revealed in a video when it suddenly became apparent he could not actually see Huck, who was right in front of him.

I am happy to report, however, that, now years later, Bob Hansler can see again and is back on the job, making important videos here in New Mexico and preparing to re-take on the world.

Bob Hansler has a genuine interest in his Viewers; he has a love of Planet Earth, and he produces wondrous videos. Bob Hansler declares that despite severe rigors of production, he can never quit any of this; he can never give up; and that he will always keep doing what he loves, no matter what.

I am looking forward to Bob’s important, next videos, to his homespun wit, and his wilderness wisdoms.

Best Wishes—to Bob Hansler and Family. Keep moving 🙂


Mark Cuban: Bernie, AOC recognize socialism as ‘trigger word’ (Fox Business video)


Published on May 13, 2019 by Fox Business
Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says that he is a hardcore capitalist and believes that people don’t understand what socialism is.

While the following statement is far reaching over the heads of the indoctrinated, this comment says it all:

You can vote your way into socialism very easily, but you may have to shoot your way out.


Steve Hilton: Beware the populism of the left (video)

In between dozing off last night with the television on in the background  I caught tidbits of The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton which airs Sunday night’s on the Fox News channel.  One such block was Hilton’s discussion on “The Right kind of Populism” and populism of the left’


Vassar Bushmills

Three men, standing at the Mexican border, looking south:

Man #1: Mexico Lindo.

Man #2: I don’t see nothin’ so ‘lindo’ about it.

Man #3: Just looks like more of Texas to me.

Man #1: You have no eyes!

(Iconic lines from a film, anyone want to guess which one?)

It’s an interesting history, for by the time the first settlers dropped anchor at Jamestown in 1607, all of South America, Central America, Mexico and what is now the southeast United States, as far north as South Carolina, had come under the dominion of Spain and Portugal.  Mexico was first, when Hernan Cortes subdued the Aztec king in 1519. Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, all the way down to Argentina soon followed. Brasil was captured by Portuguese which only made a difference in the tongue that would be the national language and the customs that would be adopted in their civil administration.

All of South America was Spanish for all intents and purposes.

And all of this territory was under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Catholic Church.

This is significant for a pecking order had emerged in the early Church that next to Rome, where Peter was crucified, the English, Spanish and French churches were ranked in order of firsts; England, interesting enough because the first above-ground church was built there in the 1st Century, by none other than Joseph of Arimathea, so legend says. France came next because it was where Mary Magadalene purportedly built her church, near Marseilles. And third, Spain, where St James is said to have been buried, although he is also purported to be buried (at least his head) in the Armenian Church in Jerusalem after being beheaded by Herod Agrippa. (I know its confusing, and that is exactly what makes the 1st Century so interesting…you can’t come up with conclusive evidence about anything, yet you still know many definitive, historical things had to have happened.)

So none of these stories can be confirmed by eyewitness accounts, but no matter, at the time of the infusion of English Protestants onto our part of North America there was a French colonial empire, under the auspices of the French Church to its north (Canada) and the Spanish Church to its south, from the Rio Grande to the tip of the continent.

Both empires were headed by hereditary kings who on their face were extremely pious, with a Church prelate at their left hand steering virtually every decision, such as the 1588 assault by the Armada of Phillip II, against Elizabeth  II, for the specific purpose of restoring the Church and driving out the Protestant heretics, …some of whom, 20 years later, would begin to settle on what are now American shores[…]

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