Vassar Bushmills

The Grand Game

Almost everyone has a opinion about Twitter and Facebook. Conservatives consider them capricious in the way they handle “political speech” on their sites, rewarding Leftist views while punishing flag-waving Love-America attitudes.

Both are hostile to American-style democracy and values.

But as long as the American political class, including Republicans, is in the grip of elitists who want to permanently disenfranchise Americans who are below their standard for full citizenship, (approximately 92%), we simply have to learn to make-do with this circumstance until we can show these people the door. That’s already a work in progress.

Either way, there will be an eventual reckoning.

Along with Google, I believe Facebook to be a world-class malevolence on a totally different level than Twitter. G&F engage in the dark arts of blending mass mind-control and subliminal messaging with the general idea that humankind can be molded into any living, breathing shape they would want us to be.

Heavy stuff.

World thinkers began seeing the dark possibilities of this futuristic world as early as the 1920s, even before movies had become talkies. By the 1950s television had hypnotized America’s children, proving the power of free commercial advertising to sell sugar-coated cereal to kids who hadn’t two dimes in their pockets. Vance Packard called these “hidden persuaders”, pointing his finger at Madison Avenue in our golden age of mass media in the 1950s. But in the 1930s it was called “propaganda” when the only tools the state could employ were radio and the superman film imagery of Leni Riefenstahl. Leave it to American admen to transform those tools to a free market.

It was only a matter of time before newer and more subtle technologies would get out in front of this desire to manipulate and control the masses for both profit and control.

As for the skin ordinary Americans have in this game of thrones, Individual Liberty is a very recent insertion into human history. And since it was so commonplace in America, Americans generally lost sight of just how precious jewel it is. So, we stopped teaching this to our children 1-2 generations ago. The absence of that teaching partly explains the kinds of people we see today on Twitter.

The general idea has been than with the magic of technology super-men can control other men without the jack-boot thuggery once required to subjugate them. Just watch people walk around like Zombies today, looking at their cell phones while tripping over sidewalks and, if old enough, you will be reminded of children being sold Lucky Charms on Saturday morning TV.

In this state leftists believe they can avoid having to send all but the religious off to re-education camps.

It’s believed that once we lose this taste for individual liberty it will be lost forever, since there is already  diminishing knowledge as to how human freedom came into being in the first place. And no known academic discipline to inquire how or when it might arise again[…]

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Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam, the Media’s Governor…Really.

Good grief! Did you tune in to Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam’s press conference a few moments ago?  The short of it was Northam saying that when informed by his staff of the photographs in the yearbook, he owned up to it, made a video and put out a statement owning up to being the man in the image of two guys, one in Blackface and the other dressed as a Klansmen but…..

And that’s when Northam lost everyone except his Virginia neighbors, i.e., the media.

Northam went on to say that he did not see the photographs until “after” he owned up to the photographs and that, in fact, he never purchased a year book but since Northam was on the subject of blackface, in 1984, he dressed up and colored his face to look like Michael Jackson for, I believe it was, a “Halloween party.”

What was that, you ask? Yeah, Coonman in 1984 colored his face and dressed up like Michael Jackson.  From thereon, the press conference was nauseating harkening me back to when the media would ask Barack Obama snowball questions like, “Boxers or Briefs, President Obama?”

In the end, Northam who made sure that the whole country, even though he said that he was addressing Virginians, knew (a) he was not stepping down from the governorship; and (b) that he had Black friends.  He even offered to do the Moonwalk…the Moonwalk.

Couldn’t resist. Had to throw that in just to bring it all home.  How lucky are those who tuned in to Northam’s press conference that he didn’t go there?

Breitbart News by Nick Nolte

You see, most of the reporters who work in Washington, DC, do not live in Washington, DC; they live in Virginia. This should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the left.

On paper, Washington, DC, should be a haven, a Leftist Utopia. After all, D.C. has been exclusively run by Democrats for decades. In fact, since the creation of the Office of the Mayor of Washington, DC, in the early 1970s, only Democrats have held that office. There are no eeeevil Republicans stopping D.C. Democrats from instituting their utopian policies, and yet…

Northam fooled no one and his constituents, i.e., the media ate it up while doing everything possible to cover their governor’s six.  THEY FAILED but that will not stop them from delivering a wad of fake news when reporting on the press conference who failed to vet this man.

…But where the hell were the media during the Virginia governor’s race?  There are probably over a thousand so-called journalists who reside in Virginia. The far-left Washington Post has an entire section devoted to Virginia. Moreover, not only was Northam running to be the media’s governor, the race itself was a big national story… And no one, not a single member of the media, sought to properly vet Northam, bothered to go back to his college days, bothered to track down a publicly available college yearbook?


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Below is a very short clip of Northam’s press conference (which is about as much as anyone can stand):

Northam plans to investigate by use of facial recognition to find out who the men are in the photograph.  How does that work? Using facial recognition to identify a man wearing a KKK outfit?

Unfortunately (or not) for Northam and what he fails to realize is that he is the white man that he and his fellow bureaucrats at war with. This is (a) not his season and (b) the discussion that the Democratic Party wants to have right now or through 2020 on the subjects of race and infanticide.  Therefore, the calls for Northam to resign will continue unabated.

The left’s message to Ralph Coon Northam, “time’s up, dude.”

Message to the Democratic Party, “thank you for Coonman. Let him stay around, at least through 2021.”

One more thing, this aged well…or did it?

Leftist Ideologues and Media ‘s False Lincoln Memorial Narrative Excluded Black Israelites.

Nathan Phillips

Anyone who viewed the incident that occurred last Friday at the Lincoln Memorial in its entirety, is instantly suspect of accusations levied by Progressive extremists that Covington Catholic High School students mocked, harassed and shouted “build that wall” at a 60-something Native American Vietnam War veteran at the same time as Black Hebrew Israelites defamed everyone in sight.

Peeling Back the Lies

Days later, cat out of the bag, we now have the answer.  No effort or research was to get to the truth or better yet, reveal the truth.  Then there is the news that Native American elder, Randall Phillips, while a Native American, an elder and a veteran, Phillips was never deployed to Vietnam, as finally noted in the last paragraph of one of several Washington Post articles.

Correction: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam.

Phillips is a radical left-wing activist (see 15:48 of Glenn Beck video further down in post), dishonest and looking to take advantage of the opening to create chaos as presented before him courtesy of the Black Hebrew Israelites up to their own mischief, which Phillips did.

Exposing Nathan Phillips


About claims that Covington students shouted, “build that wall,” they did not. The Black Hebrew Israelites are the ones who shouted, as can be heard in Glenn Beck’s video “build that wall.,” “build that damned wall.”  Nathan Phillips is the typical Marxist ideologue, an open border advocate, professional agitator and not beneath feeding the media the propaganda that they so crave.

Phillips is a trouble-maker with a history.

In the video several paragraphs down, Glenn Beck breaks down moment by moment events as they unfurled involving the vile assault and smear campaign against male students of Covington Catholic High School last Friday and as it turns out the nasty verbal assault on Native Americans , Black Americans, White folks, etc. during rallies at the Lincoln Memorial, the blame of which was laid at the feet of innocent white teens by the Communist media complex.  It wasn’t long before the truth surfaced that they were pedaling lies and fake news.

(screenshot) Black Israelites taking on Native American

As not reported by the media is that the Black Hebrew Israelites incited the cesspool of evil and hate that spread faster than the flu.  Nathan Phillips saw an opportunity as others who happened to be at the right place at the precise moment. Sensing the opportunity to draw blood (no pun intended), it took less than a New York minute to instigate a lynch mob on social media that spread across day and night time talk shows against teens because of the color of their skin, their MAGA hats, the fact they are Catholic, young and could not defend themselves.

Make no mistake about it, this was an attack on President Donald J. Trump and since the President was not available, high school students of Covington Catholic High School who attended last Friday’s March of Life rally would do nicely. (sarcasm) Now that’s pretty damned despicable!


Here in New York City, I have on several occasions crossed paths with Black Hebrew Israelites.  While attending college, these bastards (and I use the term lightly) because I refused to engage them verbally assaulted me and other females as we headed to class. 

There was this one incident that occurred years ago at a party I attended. Two Black Hebrew Israelites attending the same party kept interrupting a discussion between me and a girlfriend of mine.  As time went on, these two men who appeared to be at least 15 years older grew more agitated and hostile (we were in our early 20’s at the time of the incident).  Sensing that they had an agenda, I phoned my brother who ten minutes later arrived out front in a taxi at which point, my girlfriend and I made a hasty exit.

Their modus operandi with females is to make them feel less than worthy after which point, the not so confident female is reeled in to a personal relationship and a life of hell. I was having none of it.  Thank goodness our parents warned us about these men.

Years later, when my son was in high school, Black Hebrew Israelites attempted to recruit him.  I am thankful that he was smart enough to ask me about them.  They are dangerous.  They tend to be more forceful with teenagers and occasionally (to my knowledge) have resorted to violence to reel in young people as they did one of my son’s classmates.



As Beck in the following video takes the time to breaks moment by moment what has been overlooked, the media with the blessings of the ruling class did the country a disservice by failing to acknowledge these creeps.  By doing so, they have empowered the Black Hebrew Israelites who will now take the ball and run-down court with it.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League have both labeled “factions” of the Black Hebrew Israelites a hate group, which they are,.  However, considering the alliances of the SPLC and ADL, the rationale for labeling the Black Hebrew Israelites has more to do with the fact that the “factions” cannot be controlled. Speaking of “factions,” through my travels, I have encountered or witnessed them when on their bully pulpit and find absolutely no difference in their lexicon.

Furthermore, as one who grew up, traveled, went to school, church and shopped in the same community where there are Black Hebrew Israelites and one who has on more than occasion been targeted by them, they are bad news. Yet, the MeToo Movement being who they are would never take them on nor would their fellow extremists, Black, Hispanic and otherwise.

Advice to tourists visiting New York or any other city — Should you come across this group, keep walking. For some reason, tourists many of whom are Caucasians see this group as a form of entertainment.  Wth? 

If you notice in the video below which is in its entirety, uninterrupted, the Black Hebrew Israelites appeal to the people in the crowd to aks them a question.  Don’t do it.  It is at this point that they launch a hateful tirade that goes on forever after which one is expected to pay them for having denigrated and cursing you out.  Don’t get it twisted, they are not there for your amusement and for those who would beg to differ, allow me to use the words of my mother (God bless her), “what are you, a glutton for punishment?”

Warning: The following videos contain – Racist , Raw and Offensive Language.


Below is a video of a not so friendly exchange between the Black Hebrew Israelites and Native Americans whom they refer to as “GAD” because “Indian” means savage…for starters. (Note: I have not confirmed it either way.)

I gather that women should not be heard? “Okay, sister, so what is your problem?” (07:50 of video)

By now Native Americans are banging their drums and chanting, no doubt in response to the rantings of the Black Supremacists. This, of course, is where one begins to get the feeling that if things continue at this pace, all hell will break loose as the Black Hebrew Israelites who have attacked every ethnicity at the Lincoln Memorial makes their way around to President Donald J. Trump, white people, the Catholic Church and “a Five-Dollar Indian?”

And the attacks on teens who pretty much, to their credit, ignored the Black Supremacists:

Throw in a decade plus of propaganda, the knowledge that the deep state through its media operatives has brainwashed millions and Buzzfeed‘s history of fake news, the latest of which resulted in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller disputing the propagandist’s report that President Donald J. Trump instructed Michael Cohen to make false statements to Congress, there can be no denying that the media is the enemy of the people.

Mitt Romney Begins 2019 with Anti-Trump WashPo Op-Ed

The 2019 New Year began with two Less NeverTrumping dirtbags, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, in the United States Senate.   However, at the moment of their departure from the Senate, NeverTrumper Mitt the Choker Romney slipped through the gates, correction fence with an anti-President Donald J. Trump op-ed published in the Washington Post.

Where else other than the Washington Post (aka publishers of deep state propaganda and fake news), would Romney publish such a blistering op-ed of the President?

Forever the globalist, Romney begins with the type of attack he did not deliver during his failed 2012 presidential run against Barack Obama’s massive purge of the U. S. Military.

The Failing Trump Presidency According to Mitt

The Trump presidency made a deep descent in December. The departures of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, the appointment of senior persons of lesser experience, the abandonment of allies who fight beside us, and the president’s thoughtless claim that America has long been a “sucker” in world affairs all defined his presidency down….

In other words, standing up for the interest of Americans is bad and backroom deals with globalists who work against the interests of American is acceptable.

All of that from one who choked during the foreign policy segment of the second 2012 presidential debate by not calling out that pathological liar Barack Obama.  Romney’s failed response allowed Obama to hand Romney his gluteus maximus on live television.

Within days, it was public knowledge that debate host, CNN’s Candy Crowley not only gave favor to Barack Obama during the debate but was complicit with the now infamous “scripted” question and exchange between Barack Obama and audience member, Kerry Ladka.  Mitt Romney who had the opportunity and should have taken advantage of the moment to hand both Crowley and Obama their glutei maximi remained forever in choke mode.

How rich is it that in the eyes of the global elites that Trump is a far bigger threat than Obama?  Speaking of which, did Obama get the idea to use Russia against Trump from Romney?  Hmmm.

Just Getting Warmed Up

Mitt Romney points out then attacks President Trump in a manner giving the impression more than anything else that Romney is Trump’s adversary while at the same time announcing covertly launching his presidential bid for 2020 …less than 48 hours before his swearing in to the U. S. Senate.

…It is well known that Donald Trump was not my choice for the Republican presidential nomination. After he became the nominee, I hoped his campaign would refrain from resentment and name-calling. It did not. When he won the election, I hoped he would rise to the occasion…his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office…

Careful not to alienate the deplorables who Mitt Romney will need in a 2020 or 2024 presidential election should he decide to take the plunge.

It is not that all of the president’s policies have been misguided. He was right to align U.S. corporate taxes with those of global competitors, to strip out excessive regulations, to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices, to reform criminal justice and to appoint conservative judges. These are policies mainstream Republicans have promoted for years. But policies and appointments are only a part of a presidency.

“But” “But” “But” WHAT?

Mitt the joker goes next where he has never gone with one Progressive, let alone Barack Obama who is responsible for dividing and descending the nation into chaos.  Instead, it is Trump’s fault Mitt who has only failed presidential runs under his belt knows better. (Sarcasm)

To a great degree, a presidency shapes the public character of the nation. A president should unite us and inspire us to follow “our better angels.” A president should demonstrate the essential qualities of honesty and integrity and elevate the national discourse with comity and mutual respect. As a nation, we have been blessed with presidents who have called on the greatness of the American spirit. With the nation so divided, resentful and angry, presidential leadership in qualities of character is indispensable. And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring.

I do believe that Mitt Romney just channeled John McCain and scratching the bottom just as McCain did, Romney quotes a 2016 Pew research poll.

In a 2016 Pew Research Center poll, 84 percent of people in Germany, Britain, France, Canada and Sweden believed the American president would “do the right thing in world affairs.” One year later, that number had fallen to 16 percent…

Forever the globalist. like the rest of the bottom dwellers in the D.C. swamp, Mitt Romney continues to miss the point.  He is incapable of getting it.

Tribalism, Nationalism, Sovereignty is Suddenly a Bad Thing?

Through the eyes of the global elites, kowtowing and redistributing America’s wealth to other nations through which the elites themselves benefit is a good thing and America first policies is selfish and perverse.

From the now deceased John McCain to Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and others who are still in both Houses, all stand or have stood in the way of the President’s agenda.

The 2012 presidential election was about the lesser of two evils and the 2016 presidential election was about draining the swamp, i.e., driving out business as usual, reversing Obama’s policy of appeasing our enemies, war on Americans.  It was also about placing the government and the country back into the control of the people.

…To reassume our leadership in world politics, we must repair failings in our politics at home…. It includes political parties promoting policies that strengthen us rather than promote tribalism by exploiting fear and resentment […]

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The derp, not listening refuses to acknowledge Trump’s historic accomplishments then has the audacity to attach the label of tribalism with the President and his supporters?  Sound familiar?

Setting the record straight,

  • it is Barack Obama and fellow ideologues who advanced their agenda using identity politics and labeling which in effect coined the gold standard for tribalism, creating chaos and dividing the nation; and
  • from wack-birds to tribalism and nationalism, Mitt Romney’s strategy is an attack on President Trump and his base.

Swamp critters have learned nothing.  Americans will never return to voting for the lesser of two evils.

That, of course, will do nothing to stop Mitt Romney’s television appearances already lined up on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN’s morning, primetime, and Sunday morning talk shows since he needs to build himself up for 2020 and/or 2024 to attack Trump’s character.

Having laid his stake in the ground in the war against President Trump, there is precedence for Mitt Romney’s collaboration with the Communist media complex.

Below is an “alleged” quote made by David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission during a meeting in which Rockefeller addressed the Commission, in June 1991.

“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

To date, the quote has been dismissed and mocked as a conspiracy theory while at the same time it speaks volumes as to the agenda and aspirations of global elites, now unmasked and leaders of the resist Trump movement.

Mitt Romney promises to be the gift that keeps on coming.  Marxist propaganda outlets are waiting with bated breath.

Esquire by Charles P. Pierce

I swear, sometimes, the elite political press, and the Very Serious People to whom they cater, are the easiest marks anyone ever saw coming down the road.

When the new Congress is sworn in on Thursday, Willard Romney will be the new junior senator from Utah. This is allegedly the same Willard Romney who once bragged about being better on LGBTQ issues than Ted Kennedy, who wanted to run for president in 2000 as the Republican governor who got Massachusetts a healthcare plan, and who ran 12 years later as a “severe conservative” who didn’t even recognize the Republican governor who got Massachusetts a health care plan, who gave a ringing condemnation of candidate Donald Trump and then broke escargots with the president*-elect when he dangled the State Department in front of Romney’s eager eyes[…]

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They saw Mitt Romney coming from a mile away and what is that jingling sound that you are hearing about now?

The skeletons in the closet of Mitt Romney’s glasshouse.


In response, President Trump has reminded Mitt the “Flake McCain Corker all-in-one guy” in an early morning tweet that Mitt Romney is a loser.

It’s a matter of record for all to see.



I Go On An Outing And Meet Millennials



My new Slim Line Combo keyboard from Logitech broke down and quit typing after about 3 months. I checked the Internet and there is a common, frequent problem with that model. It’s all over the Net.


So I took it back where, for $121, I had bought it. There, in Returns, a super-diverse, Millennial Child in black Spandex wore some sort of extremely long black wig, with a black knit cap to hold it on. She was so diverse I couldn’t figure her out. I wondered if I’m still allowed to do that—wonder about “diversity.”

This service Millennial seemed to have a hard time doing anything service-oriented, like helping me—the noble, senior-citizen customer.

I averted my eyes, lest she maybe take offense at being looked at and summon lawyers. I assumed an air of being  helpless and befuddled before the seven-headed dragon of computerism.

Helpfully, I told her how failure Of the Slim Combo was “all over the Net,” but she neither looked at me nor responded.

Eventually she got a Millennial Child “manager” to come over and review my “problem”—with me still trying to make a case for the Slim Combo being prominent in online discussions of its failure. This managerial sort of Millennial neither looked at me nor said anything, but he approved an exchange.

I wondered if he maybe thought by now he should be making $300K a year with a company car? He looked like he was thinking that. He looked pissed off. I dunno….

I was released, and, alone, was allowed to wander over to the keyboard section. After awhile, I was able to snag a Millennial Child floor-worker who ultimately, and irritatedly, handed me a brand new Logitech keyboard for my iPad Air 2, and walked away.

I had a really hard time figuring out how to open the box. It was complicated and hard. I finally ripped the thing open—and then it hit me.

This was the very same keyboard I had bought last year for $99, which had failed, and been replaced by the now-failed Logitech Slim Combo I had bought here for $121.

I would have bought a new iPad, but the Millennial floor-worker was busy.

Doing something. Or other. I dunno….

Of course, they gave me a “store-credit,” for the $22.00 difference. But, like—what the hell am I going to buy there for $22.00?

Anyways, as I began processing for being allowed to depart the store, I noted all the Millennials working there seemed bored, distracted, isolated, and zoned out.

The only one who looked alert was the young, Albuquerque Cop who had his own little desk by the checkout station. He seemed on fire, just waiting for a law to be broken—any law at all.

I gave the armed cop a wide circle, and eased my way through, after having being duly screened as “cleared to exit” by this Indian woman (Native American woman) on the door.

I thought about striking up a friendly chat—maybe jocularly telling her how I was also a Native American, born in Philadelphia.

Hahaha! No.

By now the cop had wolf-eyes leveled steady and slitted on me. Maybe it was the safety pin on my AOL jacket, I dunno.

Anyways, I eased on out and down the street to a Chinese takeout place I’d spotted earlier. There were two Millennials working behind the counter as I placed my order. They babbled together in Chinese, which I recognized from Netflix. I no longer have Netflix, or cable TV because there was nothing on. But I recognize babbled Chinese.

(Can I say that? “Babbled Chinese?”)

When my order arrived wrapped up tight in knotted plastic bags wet with gravy, I said thank you in Mandarin, which drew silence and stares from the two babblers. A very wide Chinese man came out of the kitchen. The only thing I can say in Chinese, is “Thank you,” so I said that again and departed.

The food was awful but I might wash it off. Or dump it.

I felt fortunate just to get home.

I went for a long walk. This brings me to the topic of Senior Internet Dating, “long walks, holding hands, snuggling, and no games,” as women write in their Profile: “CouldItBeMe324?”

But that’s a separate true-life adventure tale, to be told another time.