February 18, 2018

Monsanto and another example of dirty science

October 31, 2017 Snoopy 0

I am not a fan of Monsanto or of any other chemical/biological giant. These corporations do not exist solely for the good of humanity. Profit is their other motivator as well, and thanks for the motivators, I guess. The story, however, happens to be in favor of the above mentioned [Read More]

Frank Sinatra Everybody Wants You
Life Happens

Everybody wants you — flattering and overwhelming

July 10, 2017 Bookworm 3

A rumination about the blessings and burdens that arise when everybody wants you — especially when being a friend was a learned skill for an Asperger type. It’s summer and the family is home. When I say home, I mean that they’re usually crowded into the smallest room in the [Read More]