April 24, 2017

The March For Plumbing

April 23, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    Well, the March For Science (and Earth Day) took place over the weekend, here and there, mostly in leftist enclaves. Odd that. That’s rather like having a march for plumbing, or carpentry. The difference being plumbing and carpentry pay their own way–actually make a profit–and have [Read More]

Donald Trump

President Trump Signs Financial Services Executive Orders

April 22, 2017 Puma ByDesign 0

The White House April 21, 2017 Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of the Treasury MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY SUBJECT: Orderly Liquidation Authority Title II of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Public Law 111-203 (the “Dodd-Frank Act”), established an Orderly Liquidation Authority (OLA). Using [Read More]


On The (Solar) Road Again…

April 21, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    Let us pretend, gentle readers, that we are card-carrying greenies. Let us further pretend we are absolutely dedicated to employing “renewable,” “sustainable” energy sources to the exclusion of evil carbon-based energy sources. Let us also pretend we are highly advanced–morally, intellectually and scientifically–beings, not stuck inside [Read More]


From The Korean Press; Praise For President Trump

April 21, 2017 JoshuaPundit 0

Oh Young-jin, chief editorial writer of the Korea Times/Hankook Ilbo, wrote a tribute to President Trump that should shame his critics in the United States. Young-jin understands that far from risking World War III, President Trump has done more to advance the end of the Korean War (now in its [Read More]


Fox News To Become MSNBC Clone

April 20, 2017 Scott Kirwin 2

By Scott Kirwin, cross-posted at TheRazor For more than 20 years Fox News has provided an outlet for conservative voices in the United States, but that may soon change under the leadership of James Murdoch, founder Rupert’s son. According to Michael Wolff writing in the Hollywood Reporter about the dismissal [Read More]

Donald Trump

If It Walks Like A Duck…

April 19, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    An enormous amount has already been written about the Obama Administration’s coopting of American intelligence agencies for the domestic surveillance of members of the Trump campaign and eventual transition team. Virtually none of that has been written by the mainstream media, who have actually categorized it [Read More]

Donald Trump

A Good Day for Our Veterans – Trump Signs “The Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act (S.544)”

April 19, 2017 Puma ByDesign 0

President Donald Trump honoring another campaign promise earlier today signed into law The Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act (S.544). By extending the current Veterans Choice Program, The Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act empowers veterans allowing them, should they choose, to seek out private medical care bypassing [Read More]


FOX News: Authors of Clinton’s Campaign Tell-All “Hillary Never Saw Trump Win Coming.” (04/18/2017)

April 19, 2017 Puma ByDesign 0

Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen, authors of “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” appeared on Fox News: “The First 100 Days” with Martha McCallum. During their appearance, Parnes and Allen revealed several new details about Clinton’s campaign, much of which is quite telling as to Clinton’s state of mind throughout [Read More]


Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Continued Workers’ Comp, SSDI Benefits

April 17, 2017 Puma ByDesign 0

What is up with Jesse Jackson Jr.’s continued receipt of workers’ compensation and social security disability insurance? Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. never stopped gaming the system, whether it was during the investigation, trial and incarceration for misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds, Jackson has seen himself the victim and [Read More]


Climate “Science”: Tipping Over

April 15, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    Among the most common features of global warming/climate change “research” is scientific fraud all but mandated by the money and political influence underlying it. “Lost” data sets, refusal to provide data sets and methodology to other scientists for replication, computer models that are dictionary definitions of [Read More]


Mike Pence: Judge Not

April 14, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version 7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s [Read More]

Donald Trump

Nicholas Kristoff: The Olympian Heights Of Progressivism

April 13, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    On March 4, 2017 I wrote A Voice Of Otherizing Reason discussing a New York Times editorial by Nicholas Kristof. Kristoff’s article was an apparently sincere attempt by a progressive journalist to provoke a modicum of empathy for the poor deplorables that dared to vote for [Read More]

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