The Pressure Is Building

Here are the results of a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll: Two-thirds of Americans feel they have little or no influence over the actions of the federal government. Forty-five percent say the country’s greatness is ebbing. As many see voter fraud as commonplace. A third aren’t confident that votes in [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: Walking In Twain’s Footsteps

By: Mike McDaniel   I think, perhaps, I’ve been too hard on Hillary Clinton. It occurred to me only this week she is following in enormous and consequential literary footsteps. It was Mark Twain who wrote that he could remember everything, even things that never happened, and in his advancing age, he was [Read More]


“Don’t Look At WikiLeaks, Fellow Jackasses! Keep Those Blinders on!”

With these constant WikiLeaks disclosures of racist and anti-Gay slurs, sexism, outright lies, cronyism and crooked dealings, the Democrats have a major problem with keeping the troop’s morale up as more and more comes out.

So interim DNC chief Donna Brazile has a solution…don’t look! Stay away from the eee-vil Wikileaks and remain in blissful ignorance! [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

The Bookworm Beat 9/14/16 — the “Hillary” illustrated edition and open thread

I had the pleasure of listening to a delightful well-informed, thoughtful speaker: Brian Calle, who is the Opinion Editor of the Southern California News Group and oversees Opinion content for its 11 newspapers and websites, including the well-regarded Orange County Register. The 11 entities have a larger circulation than the [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Psychic Cartoonist Or Predictable Corruption?

By: Mike McDaniel   This was originally published on August 20, 2015: The glasses, colors of clothing, facial expression–uncanny, and darkly hilarious.  As I’ve recently said, if Hillary went face down for the final time tomorrow (Dear Secret Service: this is merely a use of irony, not in any way a wish, [Read More]


Emperor Barack The First: A Hasty Memorial

By: Mike McDaniel   There are times, gentle readers, when writing yet another story critical of President Obama, I pause for just a moment to reflect, to ask myself, “am I unfairly criticizing Barack Hussein Obama?”  Then a story like this from The Daily Caller comes around, and I realize, if anything, I’m [Read More]


The Damned and the Elect

One observation in James Taranto’s recent WSJ post in reaction to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark caught my eye: As Mollie Hemingway suggests, “They are irredeemable” is a strange thing for a professed Christian to say about anybody. Theology aside, it is a shocking thing for someone who aspires [Read More]

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Hillary Clinton

The Bookworm Beat 9/13/16 — the “I feel deplorably faint” edition and open thread

I’m going to divide this post into “Hillary stuff” and everything else. Let’s go to town and have fun. Hillary stuff: Ah, Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.” It’s the gift that will keep giving and giving and giving. Scott Adams believes that the same people who feel guilty knocking her off [Read More]

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I don’t want Hillary to drop out of the race!

Rumors are circulating that the Democrats are frantically looking for a way to displace Hillary from the top of their ticket. That assumes, of course, that it’s even possible to do so at this late date, with states already having locked in the primary winners. The obvious people to fill [Read More]