DEMOCRAT LAWYERS POINT GUNS AT DIVINE, “PEACEFUL PROTESTERS.” – RIOTERS – “Armed St. Louis protesters broke iron gate, threatened couple before they drew their own guns, attorney says.”

Some Photos and Ramblings By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, A. I. Experiment 51 .   ____________________________   . ** IF FRANK RIZZO (ex-Philadelphia Police Chief) HAD BEEN IN CHARGE, THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED —jaf, ed OR EISENHOWER (R), TRUMAN (D), OR KENNEDY (D)   Trump Does Nothing Nothing .   [Read More]



WHAT THE HELL **YOU** LOOKING AT? (Part Two) By Jeffrey Adam Friedberg “…Instead of asking for evidence…ask for the dots: connect them. “Our story has already ended….” —QUANTUM TIME, Book Three _________________________ A well-planned, modern article published in a reputable venue will cite stark examples and reasonably analyze the data. [Read More]

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Democrat Official Officiously Tries To Throw Her Weight Around On Two Tenafly, NJ Police Officers

Democrat Official Officiously Tries To Throw Her Weight Around On Two Tenafly, NJ Police Officers [Watch this ⬆️ second cop—expressions are priceless.] She served on Hillary Clinton’s national finance team and is a co-chairman of the Financial Committee for Ready for Hillary, a super PAC created to draft Clinton for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. ~~~~~` [Read More]

Laurel Yanny White House
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[VIDEO] Yanny or Laurel — the White House edition

The White House takes up the fraught issue of whether it’s Yanny or Laurel. Watch to the end, because the ending made me laugh — and you might too. #Laurel? #Yanny? Or… — The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 17, 2018

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Student Grammatical Train Wrecks, Final Edition

This is the third edition of student funnies for 2017: If the first two editions–available here and here–of my all-time favorite comic student writings weren’t enough, I present this, the final edition (for now). Kids love music, and after listening to and discussing several famous Christmas songs, including Mel Torme’s [Read More]

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Student Grammatical Train Wrecks

By: Mike McDaniel   My students, regularly, in their fierce struggles with the English language, say more, less, or something entirely different than they intended. It’s tempting to see these bite-sized bits of mirth as evidence of the supposed deterioration of education, but I’ve found that the worst students, particularly those [Read More]


Remy: People Will Die! (video)

Remy from’s latest parody, i.e., channeling Progressive hyperbole. Published on Jun 28, 2017 by ReasonTV Remy channels his inner Elizabeth Warren to vilify the other side.


Mark Steyn Weighs In On Special Election Outcomes…

The one and only Mark Steyn had a few things to say about the special elections in his own inimitable style: I’m still laughing at Mark Steyn’s characterization of the bogus ‘Russia’ scandal – “Deep State Dinner Theater!”   I liked this tweet as well: Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump [Read More]