Who ARE these People, how did this all happen so fast, and what is the source of their IMMENSE POWER?

Who ARE these People? HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN SO FAST? And what is the source of their IMMENSE POWER?   BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG, A.I. EXPERIMENT 51 . ____________________________ . THEY ARE: COMPLAINERS, DESTROYERS, COMMUNISTS, and others –You Know, Like In STAR TREK, Like In CAPTAIN AMERICA, and like [Read More]

The Geller Report, by The Great Pamela Geller

Hey Lib Jews! Gonna all be dead again, soon, by your Democrat Progressive Liberal Communist Masters?     by JAF, editor  —    ________________    — By The Great Pamela Geller: TODAY’S HEADLINES RACIST ANIMALS: LEFTIST MOB SETS STATUE OF AN ELK AFLAME, BURNS IT DOWN WATCH:BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTEST [Read More]

"Lefties with guns don't like being filmed, apparently. Stephen Lemons" -

“The Coming Collapse of the Republic,” and Democrat Communist RULE

This article by the Great Selwyn Duke appeared first in AmericanThinker.Com EXCERPT: …I’m here to tell you: …voting won’t save us…. —   _________________________   — ARTICLE: The Coming Collapse of the Republic  “We’re just one election away from full-blown socialism,” a man recently said to me during a short conversation. [Read More]

"Together Again" -


THIS ARTICLE BY ROBERT KRAYCHIK APPEARED FIRST IN BREITBART.COM EXCERPT: “…Essentially we’re in a situation where the country is going to sink if Democrats win,” Pollak said. “They’ve made their intentions absolutely clear. We’re facing a second American Revolution. It’s something that worries us constantly now on the right, and [Read More]


The Source of BLM’s Super-power

This article by the Great Lloyd Marcus first appeared in AmericanThinker.Com —   The Source of BLM’s Super-power Americans are not afraid of the cowardly mob of domestic terrorists known as Black Lives Matter. Thank God we hung tough in not allowing Democrats and fake news media to repeal our [Read More]

Trump Can No Longer Wait to Act and Speak Decisively in Defense of The Goodness of America

.    _____________________    . This article appeared first in the Great Thomas Lifson’s AmericanThinker.Com Trump Can No Longer Wait to Act and Speak Decisively in Defense of The Goodness of America By Jared Peterson Among leading American political commentators, Victor Davis Hanson, from the beginning, has been President Trump’s [Read More]

“Murder by lockdown: details from a dozen countries.” – THE *MURDERS OF GRANDMA AND GRANDPA*, AND WHY?

WHY, JON RAPPOPORT, WHY? I (JAF, editor) SUBMIT: it’s because Older People tend to vote conservatively, and they vote more than the younger demographic. …only 46% of people18-34 years old voted in the last election. So the elderly have a disproportionate influence on our politics and our country. And [Read More]

DEMOCRAT LAWYERS POINT GUNS AT DIVINE, “PEACEFUL PROTESTERS.” – RIOTERS – “Armed St. Louis protesters broke iron gate, threatened couple before they drew their own guns, attorney says.”

Some Photos and Ramblings By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, A. I. Experiment 51 .   ____________________________   . ** IF FRANK RIZZO (ex-Philadelphia Police Chief) HAD BEEN IN CHARGE, THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED —jaf, ed OR EISENHOWER (R), TRUMAN (D), OR KENNEDY (D)   Trump Does Nothing Nothing .   [Read More]

Mikhail Gorbachev


By Jeffrey A. Friedberg .   ____________________________   . Conserves…. We are law abiding. We don’t march, protest, burn down our neighborhood stores, loot, steal, jump on people who disagree with us and beat the crap out of them, or any of that Liberal, Loving, Communist, Equality Bullshit. We are [Read More]


Unfazed By Thought Police, Tucker Carlson Speaks Truth to BLM Power

Unfazed By Thought Police, Tucker Carlson Speaks Truth to BLM Power . In the face of recent announcements from companies dropping their ads from his show, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson was unfazed by the liberal thought police as he delivered a 17-minute-plus opening monologue Monday night speaking truth to [Read More]


“Journalistic Standards” Have ALWAYS Been About Lies, and–In Some Cases–Advancing Causes.

So-Called, “Journalistic Standards,” seem to have almost always been concerned with journalism as an “engine” of agendas. How could it not? From the moment that the colonials received word of Britain’s new taxes in 1764 until reports of the peace treaty arrived in 1783, the press constituted the major source [Read More]


When We Knew Who We Were–And What Restroom To Use.”

OPINION: By JEFFREY A FRIEDBERG DEMS, 2020 <———> There was a time…. ….Not so long ago, when we knew who we were. And we knew what rest-room to use. America was Good. Communism, drugs, criminals, poo in the street, and perversion were Bad. But, Democrats, in 2019–with thanks to Barry [Read More]


NEWS, NEWS, NEWS: NO IT’S NOT, BECAUSE—Democrats Create Fake Reality, Phony Worlds, and A Universe Of Lies.

  Hierronymus Bosch NEWS: By Jeffrey A. Friedberg Jeffrey A. Friedberg Impolite and Brief <<<<<——->>>>> NEWS: from Democrats, Liberals, “Progressives,” Socialists, Communists, Suburban Housewives, and Canadian Supergirl has created politicized worlds that don’t exist. This ranting excursion into a twilight (zoned) area of their own creation appears to be a [Read More]


“Emotionals”—Such As Our Millennials, Democrat Voters, and Suburban USA Housewives—Have No Reason. They Don’t, Or Can’t, THINK.

“Emotionals”—Such As Our Millennials, Democrat Voters, and Suburban USA Housewives—Have No Reason. They Don’t, Or Can’t, THINK. OPINION: BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG <<<——————>>> There’s a  problem with Emotionals. These are “folks” who don’t actually think, but react. They react with emotions—with feelings. Not with actual thoughts or reasoning. They don’t [Read More]


Shazam! – A Movie Review, Sort Of

Shazam! as a superhero origin story is simply magical! No, really, I mean his origin is magical…like Harry Potter’s. He’s not the strange visitor from another planet, no one gave him a lantern powered ring, and he wasn’t bitten by a radioactive anything. Billy Batson is an orphan, who wants nothing [Read More]


Remember These Fighting, WWII, Hollywood Idols? “Hollywood’s greatest–Compare them to today’s simpletons.”

Remember these? Not many like these in Hollywood today. ARTICLE by, “Gene.” (Maybe) Reposted In Part From: SEE PHOTOS AND ORIGINAL PDF FILE, HERE: __________________ Like millions of Americans during the WWII, there was a job that needed doing they didn’t question, they went and did it, those that [Read More]


Caution: You Have Reached The End Of The Internet

Have you seen that old joke online, a big sign that says, “You have reached the end of the internet.” I feel like that. Since having retired, 15 years ago, writing books, being a SEO guru, blogging, researching, and so on, I have spent a LOT of time online. I [Read More]


Al Jolson Battles Black Discrimination, In “The Jazz Singer,” 1927, WB.

Al Jolson Battles Black Discrimnination, 1927 AL JOLSON, Movie Star _ ___________________ _   Al Jolson has been called “the king of blackface” performers,[5][6] a theatrical convention since the mid-19th century. With his dynamic style of singing black music, such as jazz and blues, he became widely successful by extracting [Read More]