October 19, 2017

NFL protests are based on lies

September 29, 2017 Doug Hagin 3

From the time Colin Kaepernick first “took a knee” during the national anthem last season the left have hailed him as heroic, and praised him for raising awareness, and protesting inequality, and police brutality. The media, of course has been eager to carry these narratives because the media loves nothing [Read More]


Which Women Were Given Hope?

September 27, 2017 TheGlitteringEye 1

Yesterday I read an op-ed in the New York Times that was so unhinged and disgraceful that I won’t even link to it. I’m sure you can find it if you care to. The thesis of the op-ed was that China’s communist revolution, now roughly 70 years old, had given [Read More]

Bradley Manning Chelsea Manning

The New Yorker magazine proudly sponsors Bradley Manning

September 9, 2017 Bookworm 0

Showing its anti-Americanism, The New Yorker celebrates the treasonous Bradley Manning as a mover and shaker who was more sinned against than sinning. Mr. Bookworm has a subscription to print version of The New Yorker. Most of the time I ignore this weekly magazine, finding it alternately banal, pompous, and [Read More]

Confederate statues

More thoughts on removing Confederate statues

August 18, 2017 Bookworm 0

I explain why I think it’s reasonable to remove Confederate statues — but I also explain the strict limits I place on doing so. In yesterday’s post about Charlottesville and Confederate statues, all the comments seemed to go to the latter issue. On that issue, I wrote that I agree [Read More]

Google Fascist Orwell

The Google Gestapo debacle . . . leads to excellent satire

August 11, 2017 Bookworm 2

There’s lots of outrage about Google’s war on thought-crimes, but not a lot of satire. Thankfully, what satire there is happens to be WONDERFUL. Google recently made the decision to fire a highly qualified engineer for the thought-crime of suggesting that the Google workplace could encourage a bit more diversity. [Read More]

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