April 24, 2017

Drexel investigating professor who sent hate filled tweets

April 22, 2017 Doug Hagin 0

Noted Stalinist George Ciccariello-Maher, and his cheesy mustache hardest hit The professor who tweeted that “all I want for Christmas is white genocide” is now under investigation by Drexel University for his “extremely damaging conduct” on social media. George Ciccariello-Maher recently tweeted that he wanted to “vomit” after witnessing someone [Read More]


Wellesley students love them some Stalinism

April 14, 2017 Doug Hagin 0

Snowflakes or Totalitarian starter kits? The editorial staff of Wellesley College’s student newspaper recently wrote that anyone who dares utter a politically incorrect thought should be met with “hostility.” In other words, expressing “incorrect” views might prove dangerous. This is Liberal tolerance. Embrace indoctrination, or else “We have all said [Read More]


Caitlin Miller: Terror Horror in Hoke County, 2

April 12, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    On 04-10-17, I posted Terror Horror In Hoke County, a satirical headline. Satirical, because the article spoke of the out of school suspension of one Caitlin Miller, a five year-old girl, a kindergartener. Her offense? Caitlin was brandishing a stick, a vaguely gun shaped stick, in [Read More]


Terror Horror In Hoke County

April 10, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    I have often written about the lunacy and abuse of zero tolerance policies in schools. In February of 2013, in Tiny Terrorist Returns To School!  I wrote: To read the rest, go here….


The Left hijacks another worthwhile cause

April 8, 2017 Doug Hagin 0

Give the Left a worthwhile cause and they will latch onto it, Then, slowly, but most assuredly, they will bastardize it, twist it, and use it to further their agenda. This time the cause is fighting bullying, and the Left is being joined by CAIR  Educrats and Islamomaniacs are teaming [Read More]


Education: In Defense Of Maryland Rape Culture

April 3, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    Let us, gentle readers, engage in a brief thought experiment. A criminal, through the good graces of a foolish progressive judge, is given a low bail for a charge of rape, obtains a bail bond, and is quickly back out on the street. Being a serial rapist, [Read More]

Charles II of Spain Madness Intellectual Incest

Academia, where intellectual incest and madness walk hand-in-hand

April 1, 2017 Bookworm 0

American colleges have increasingly gone mad. It’s from intellectual incest in institutions that hire only people who reinforce their own views. If you’re a European history major, you know about sanctioned incest within the royal families of Europe. Since theirs was a small community, they repeatedly married cousins, until a very [Read More]


Identifying With Satan

March 27, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    It’s common knowledge Barack Obama weaponized the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the rest of the federal government. So fully did he fill federal agencies with radical, ruthless leftists, it was unnecessary for Mr. Obama, or any of his chief toadies, to directly tell any of [Read More]

Rodney Dangerfield Back to School

The Left does not perceive what liberty is

March 22, 2017 Doug Hagin 0

To the Left, liberty is “free” healthcare, and “free” day care, and “free”this and “free” that. And, of course freedom is never  having to hear, or even be exposed to,  an opposing view A group of Wellesley College professors recently sent a campus-wide email arguing that bringing controversial speakers to [Read More]


Education: What’s Wrong With These People?!

March 20, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    These days I find myself often reading the news and saying out loud: “what’s wrong with those people?! Is it something in the water?”  I refer to my distant colleagues, fellow teachers. Are the weekly revelations of bizarre and criminal behavior by teachers around the nation indicative [Read More]


Education And The Supreme Court

March 13, 2017 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel    It’s an issue that flies below the radar of most Americans: the effect of the Supreme Court on American education. Consider this from Hillary Clinton during the recent presidential campaign: In short: In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as [Read More]

Macalester College magazine

Macalester College boasts when it should be embarrassed

February 10, 2017 Bookworm 0

Since all my friends are college alums, and all their children are college attendees, their houses are littered with college promotional material. That’s how I got my hands on a magazine called Macalester Today, in which Macalester College boasts about things that, in a normal world, would deeply embarrass it. Macalester, incidentally, [Read More]

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