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Unarmed, of course does not mean what the Cult of Gun Control thinks it means

Police shoot an “unarmed” man…… That is the headline to any news story the media and Black Lives Matter can exploit. But being “unarmed” does not mean a person cannot be a threat to someone’s life does it? No! A white police officer is back at work in northeastMississippi, weeks [Read More]

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NYC: J’Ouvert, West Indian Parade Violence leaves 2 Dead, 5 Wounded.

It’s that time of the year again when nearly a million revelers from across the globe converge upon Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York for the annual Labor Day parade, correction West Indian Day Parade and J’Ouvert Festival. Recognized for its costumes, colors, food, revelry and display of Caribbean flags everywhere, [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Why yes, I did do my part to increasing gun sales this past month

Yes, I did buy a Ruger AR 556 this last month. The background check took the longest of any I have gone through. Likely because lots of Americans are exercising their God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms As the calls for an increase in gun control is heard throughout the [Read More]


Obscenely Expensive Liberal Arts College brain corruption happens fast

My Little Bookworm has had only four classroom days since her freshman year began at an Obscenely Expensive Liberal Arts College (“OELAC”) in the midwest. Today, on Facebook, she posted her first video supporting Black Lives Matter. I’m actually impressed at the speed with which OELAC’s indoctrination works. The video, [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

School Attacks: Feeling Good Or Saving Lives, Part 3

By: Mike McDaniel.  The Murders at the Umpqua Community College, in Newtown, Connecticut and elsewhere have reignited the contrived controversy over school shootings.  I say contrived because, thankfully, and despite what the media and anti-gun activists would have us believe, mass shootings are not increasing in frequency; their numbers remain minute. Progressives, despite [Read More]

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The Bookworm Beat 9/6/16 — the “cough, cough, cough” edition and open thread

Hillary’s cough has sounded awfully familiar to me — and today I finally figured out what Hillary’s endless coughing jags bring to mind. To back up a minute, though. . . . As anyone following the news knows, Hillary’s been coughing a lot . . . an awful lot. Just [Read More]

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Academics vs. Athletics

By: Mike McDaniel.  Americans are a bit schizophrenic about their schools. They prioritize oddly, spending huge sums on athletics and supporting them in every way, while all but ignoring academics. This normally means lavishing money and attention on football and on the children that play the game. But what of the [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Idiots on display

Ah the uninformed. Is there anything more useful to the Left than ignorant people? Give them an emotional appeal, and a narrative that drives that emotion, and off they go, bliusfully unaware of how foolish and uninformed they are

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Feminism is not pro-woman, it is pro Leftism

Feminism, we are told, is about empowering women. Empowering women to make their own choices, control their own bodies, run their own lives. In short then, feminists will tell you that women NEED feminism because of sexism and inequality. That is the message and rhetoric of Feminists, but the truth is [Read More]


The Signs

When I looked at the tattoos adorning the face of a man who “gunned down” a police officer in New Mexico: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A police officer who authorities say attempted to chase down a 38-year-old man with three active arrest warrants was fatally shot by the suspect Friday after [Read More]

Race Relations

Colin Kaepernick: Compare And Contrast

I recently wrote about San Francisco 49ers second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is engaging in a noble and terribly brave protest. And what is he protesting? With the dim vagueness of the ridiculously overpaid, stereotypically socially conscious athlete, Kaepernick is protesting the genocide of young black men by America’s police. Yesterday [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Gun Violence? Try Gang Violence!

The media would have us believe that the problem of dead bodies piling up at record rates in Chicago is “gun violence” John Kass, writing for the Chicago Tribune, calls BS on that narrative  With at least 78 killed so far, August is the deadliest month in nearly 20 years, [Read More]

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The New Drone Army

And no, it’s not the one Amazon is trying to build. Nor is it the one fighting ISIS in the Middle East. It’s the one that could be living in your own basement. From the Wall Street Journal: What do unworking men do with their free time? Sadly, not much [Read More]

Race Relations

The Travyon Martin Case, Update 47: Justice At Last!

“Power corrupts. Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” Lord Action By: Mike McDaniel.  It has taken years, but it appears cosmic justice has finally caught up with Angela Corey. Regular readers will recall, I’m sure, Corey was the Florida prosecutor responsible for the grotesquely unlawful and unethical persecution of George Zimmerman, [Read More]


The past is present : a book and a movie from the 1940s have useful warnings for today’s socialist urges

Leftists love to rewrite the past, a creative totalitarian approach that allows them to forget all the lessons — both good and bad — that history teaches. For today’s lesson about the past’s relevance, this post looks at one movie from 1946 and one book from 1948 and uses their wisdom [Read More]