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Happy Flag Day, America.

 Today is Flag Day and the U. S. Army’s 243rd birthday. Happy Flag Day, America. Happy 243rd Birthday to the @USArmy! Thank you for your bravery, sacrifices, and dedication to the U.S.A. We love you! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 14, 2018 Happy Birthday, 243 to the [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills This is a theme with us at VeteransTales.0rg. When more veterans with skin in the game have checked in, this will be a running topic, and within two years, a working project on the ground. (Check our Mission statement for the longer game.) At the heart of this inquiry is hearing from veterans about [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills So should we. Remember, in all the world’s history, the only men who ever gave up their lives for total strangers were Americans. That is the American beat, and it still goes on. BACHELORS” CORNER On Sundays, for over three years after my separation, I walked about a [Read More]

James Shaw Jr Hero

“I saw my opportunity and I took it” — James Shaw, Jr., Hero

James Shaw, a real hero, seeing his opportunity, was able to rise above fear and doubt. Unlike most people, he acted, saving innumerable lives. One of my favorite books ever is Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, an interview an enterprising newspaper man had in 1905 with George Washington Plunkitt, a practitioner of [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills Ok, now come kick the tires at We invite every veteran and child of a veteran to come visit and rummage through old letters and stored emails and photos and bring us some of the stories you recall from your tours, daddy or granddaddy’s, or from all those mothers, [Read More]


ANNOUNCING: Veteran’s Tales, a website for Veteran’s by Veterans

Vassar Bushmills I’m extra pleased to announce the launching of a new website, by veteran’s for veterans, called “Veteran’s’ Tales”. I’ve been fortunate to join with Allen Ness, US Army Paratrooper, Master Sergeant, Retired, and Dave Poff, aka Haystack from fame, to form a new 501 (3) c website, [Read More]


Arlington At Christmas…

In honor of those who rest at Arlington… “Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace and farewell….” With fond memories of Major Andrew Olmstead, one [Read More]


Mexico City: Israel Is There when Disaster Hits

For a nation demonized in so many quarters, it’s amazing how often a tiny country like Israel is there when disaster hits. The latest instance was in Mexico City, which suffered a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 149 people. Among other things, the killer quake exposed a [Read More]


Gettysburg – A Fourth Of July Long Ago

Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:What place is this? Where are we now? I am the grass.Let me work. – Carl Sandburg One hundred and fifty four years ago today, brave men fought in and around a small town in Pennsylvania to determine whether the Union would [Read More]


July 2-18, 1937, 7/31/1937 – U. S. Navy Report of the Search for Amelia Earhart

On this day, eighty years ago, the plane flown by Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Frederick Noonan, was reported missing in middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere near Howland Island, at which point the U. S. Navy began their search.  Report below: Today’s Document, National Archives “At 1100, 2 July, [Read More]


Wonder Woman – A Review, Sort Of

‘Wonder Woman’ is the epic story of a man, a woman, a dog and a piano. Okay, you can forget the part about the dog and the piano. I wrote that before I saw the movie. I’m going to try to do this without any spoilers, but let me start [Read More]


A Newsreel Cameraman’s View of D-Day

This footage of the events leading up to and around D-Day was a lucky find thanks to fellow blogger and WWII veteran, Mr. G. P. Cox of Pacific Paratrooper. The National Archives Unwritten Record Blog by Audrey Amidon Jack Lieb went to Europe in 1943 with two movie cameras: He [Read More]


Bachelor’s Corner on Memorial Day Sunday

Our friend, Vassarbushmills of Unified Patriots prepared this touching essay in honor of Memorial Day. I will sit down with my grandchildren this weekend and we’ll read Vassar’s essay together after which there will be a discussion about Memorial Day. Enjoy. Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills On Sundays, for over three [Read More]


Wild West: Kit Carson-Fur Trapper, Indian Agent & Soldier

American Minute with William J. Federer Following Lewis and Clark’s expedition, notable mountain men explored America’s west. Notable names include: John Frémont, Joseph Meek, John Sutter, Peter Skene Ogden, Jedediah Smith, William Sublette, Hugh Glass, Jim Bridger and Kit Carson. Kit Carson was a fur trapper, soldier and Indian agent. [Read More]