The Real Story On Syria

President Trump announced a U.S. pullout from Syria, and the media promptly labeled it akin to treason. Here’s the real story on Syria and why it was a brilliant move.

The reason the usual suspects gave for bashing Trump over this were pregnant with irony. He was ‘pulling out and leaving Syria to the Russians,’ he was ‘sacrificing the Kurds,’ it was ‘a disgraceful  retreat that would leave Syria to Iran and Hezbollah,’ he was ‘abandoning Israel,’ it was ‘collusion with Russia,’ you name it.

This nonsense is coming from the same politicians, pundits and talking heads who crucified Bush Jr. for staying in Iraq and Afghanistan and as politicians, did their very best to sabotage our efforts there . The same people  were perfectly OK with Obama’s illegal war in Libya which dismantled the existing peace and led to violent war and terrorism in much of the Middle East and North Africa. And who happily supported Obama’s Iran deal…talk about abandoning Israel!

So let’s examine what really happened, the real story on Syria.

ISIS still exists, but their territory has all been recovered…something President Obama said would take years but that President Trump accomplished in record time, just as he promised he would.  So the 2,000 troops we had there had accomplished their mission, and the $20 million or so per year it took to maintain them in Syria can be spent in more useful ways.

So let’s look at the arguments against the U.S. leaving, shall we?

Are we really abandoning Israel and the Kurds? Not a bit. For one thing, the Israelis have always operated independently, and even the IDF Chief of Staff said publicly that the Israelis can handle what they need to. In fact, they can even handle it better than before, since they can now operate without having to consider the impact of IDF operations on U.S. forces. They also have stated that they will not allow Iran or Hezbollah to maintain a presence in Syria, something they’ve backed up repeatedly by taking out weapons shipments, bases and Iranian and Hezbollah personnel.

As I’ve written before, The Israelis and Putin have an understanding about such matter, as well as a hotline hookup between the Kremlin and Israel’s equivalent of the Pentagon. The Russian’s chief concern is avoiding Russian casualties, and so far they haven’t had any complaints about Israel targeting Hezbollah or Iranian assets.

And the Kurds? I had a conversation with a long time friend and correspondent over this one. His view was that Turkey’s new Sultan Erdogan would promptly send his troops into Kurdish territory and start massacring our Kurdish allies. My response was I was certain Trump was clear to Erdogan about exactly where he could and couldn’t go and what he could and couldn’t do.

Aside from our troops who are S_L_O_W_L_Y being withdrawn from Syria and out troops in Jordan. Trump has an additional cookie to bribe the Mad Sultan.Turkey’s economy sucks just now, and Trump mentioned a possible trade deal to him he needs badly…with the unspoken proviso by Trump being, “If you behave.”

As it turns out, I was right on the money. No less than National security Advisor  John Bolton revealed today that our pull out from Syria was conditional on the Turks making a firm commitment not to target the U.S.’s Kurdish allies. Since Erdogan badly needs that trade deal Trump is dangling in front of him, I’d be very surprised if he decided to go after the Kurds just now…especially since it would bring the U.S. back into Syria with a vengeance and force the Turks to retreat…

“Timetables or the timing of the withdrawal occurs as a result of the fulfillment of the conditions and the establishment of the circumstances that we want to see,” he said. “It’s not the establishment of an arbitrary point for the withdrawal to take place as President Obama did in the Afghan situation…the timetable flows from the policy decisions that we need to implement.”

On Saturday, Mr. Bolton said the U.S. won’t hesitate to retaliate against the Assad regime in Syria if it uses chemical weapons against civilians. “Any use of chemical weapons will be met by [a] very strong response, as we have done twice before.”

Mr. Bolton plans to travel to Ankara, the Turkish capital, on Monday as part of a regional tour aimed at laying the groundwork for the withdrawal.

U.S. support for the main Syrian Kurdish militia, the YPG, has been a source of tension with Turkey. Turkey considers the YPG to be an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, which Ankara and Washington classify as a terrorist group.

Mr. Erdogan said in December that he would launch a military intervention in northeastern Syria to combat Kurdish rebels it regards as terrorists, drawing a stern warning from the Pentagon. Jim Jeffrey, the State Department envoy, has been seeking to forge an arrangement with the Turks that would allow them to enter northern Syria while avoiding largely Kurdish areas, people familiar with the discussions said.

So much for abandoning the Kurds. If Erdogan is stupid enough to attack our Kurdish allies, not only do we still have troops in Syria who are being withdrawn slowly, but additional forces in Jordan.  And America’s Mideast strategic reserve in Israel, with lots of toys to equip fresh troops should we need to return, as well as the IDF. They’ve always had close relations with the Kurds going back to the Saddam Hussein days in Iraq, when they armed and trained the Kurdish Persh Merga fighters.

Oh, and Russia?

Syria has never been worth much.The Seleucids, the Arabs and the Ottomans never made much out of it. It has a couple of warm water ports, some agriculture that’s now in ruins and that’s about it. The caravans don’t stop at Damascus anymore like they used to back when Mo was working the route.

The real story on Syria is that it would take  billions to rebuild its infrastructure. And even then it wouldn’t amount to much. It’s a disaster.

Putin’s probably smart enough to avoid Bushie’s mistake of putting billions of dollars into Iraq when it comes to Syria. Their chief interest is those warm water ports at Tarshish and Latakia for their navy. And Erdogan doesn’t have the cash to do so even if he wants to. The Arabs and Turks don’t get on so well anyway.

The real story on Syria is that it’s a mess the U.S. is much better out of. Especially since we can easily return to if we need to. Rather than a ‘retreat,’ it’s a smart conditional withdrawal that still maintains our presence.

 UPDATE: According to CNN Erdogan has rejected leaving the Kurds alone.

OK…first, let’s remember that this is CNN, home of fake news. If somebody hit a dog with their car and didn’t stop, they’d have a headline story that it was Trump, complete with the same kind of anonymous sources this story has.

Second,while Erdogan might have said this or something like it, CNN’s attempts to paint Bolton (who they also hate) as going beyond the president’s wishes are ridiculous. Bolton is not only smart, but experienced. He and President Trump went over all this before he left for the ME.

Third, so what? This was an extremely stupid thing for the would be Sultan to say. Here’s what it means, unless Erdogan walks it back….

1) No trade deal for Turkey, and probably sanctions in the near future.

2) We will probably leave our base at Inserlik, ending a profitable lease payment to Turkey. It could easily be moved to Greece, who could use the money.

3) Instead of removing heavy weapons from the Kurds, we will probably give them more…as well as air cover.

4) Our troops will remain as a presence in Syria. Also, the Assad regime and the Russians seem to be willing to protect the Kurds as well.

In short, Erdogan’s little rah rah to his pet sheep gained him nothing and will cost him quite a lot.

Rob Miller







Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

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The EU Is At War With Israel

The EU is at war with Israel,for all intents and purposes. Some of the members, particularly in Eastern and central Europe aren’t participating, but most of the EU is.

It isn’t a shooting war, but an increasing effort to marginalize the Jewish State so it can be destroyed.

The EU supports anti-Israel NGOs financially,and continues to liberally fund the PLO even though it uses some of those funds to pay terrorists for murdering Israeli civilians, and even with the clear knowledge  that the EU’s financial support frees up funds to be used in what the PLO refers to as ‘operations.’

Only Israel has fruits, vegetables and fresh flowers specially labeled as being from ‘the Occupied West Bank.’

Led by Angela Merkel and Frances Emanuel Macron, the EU has consistently evaded U.S. sanctions against Iran and continued to observe the farcical Iran ‘deal’ of Barack Hussein Obama. The EU has done this even though Iran has been quite clear of its genocidal intentions towards Israel.

And it was none other than Germany’s Angela Merkel who pressured Eastern and Central European countries with good relationships with Israel not to relocate their embassies in Jerusalem or face her wrath.

The founding director of the European Coalition for Israel in Brussels, Tomas Sandell, reported that  that the  German Chancellor  waged a strenuous campaign to stop central and eastern European countries from moving their capitals to Jerusalem..

 “I have spoken to many Germans these last few days in Brussels,” he said. “They are not aware of this, and all of them would be shocked that all of the countries in the European Union today would want to block an embassy move to Jerusalem, not only for your own country, but for other countries that have the conviction [that] this is the right thing to do, the only country to do would be Germany. This is a big shock.”

According to Sandell, most of  Merkel’s calls to put the squeeze on European leaders happened when “many of the nations were seriously considering moving their embassies.”

This isn’t a shock to me at all,but let’s continue.

Germany also implemented  the marking of Israeli goods from ‘disputed territories’ in 2015. Not only did Germany start the labeling, but Merkel used her influence to get other Eu nations to do the same.The idea, of course is to further isolate Israel as an ‘occupying power.’

As recently as a few days ago, the EU showed that it had chosen sides against Israel. When American U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley tried to discuss aspects of President Trump’s proposed peace plan, they essentially brushed it off. Let’s look at their official statement and then dissect what it really means.

After the usual horse manure about a ‘just peace ‘based on international law, relevant UN resolutions and previous agreements’, here’s what they said:

  “The EU is truly convinced that the achievement of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital of both States, that meets Israeli and Palestinian security needs and Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty, ends the occupation and resolves all final status issues, in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2334 and previous agreements, is the only viable and realistic way to end the conflict and to achieve just and lasting peace.”

Let’s translate this, shall we?

Resolution 2334 is the one former President Barack Hussein Obama engineered when the Security Council had a majority of anti-Israel countries on it and then made sure the US abstained so it would pass, his final hateful attack on Israel. Here’s what it stipulated, and it’s an  ‘anti-zionist’ wet dream.

First of all, it negates every Israeli community as illegal out side the pre-1967 lines and gives East Jerusalem to the PLO. This creates 580,000 homeless Israeli refugees, bars them forever from all their holy sites, and puts all of Israel’s central plain and its airports in easy missile and mortar by giving Israel’s sworn enemies the high ground.

Not only that, it also  takes away any notion of security from what’s left of Jerusalem that the resolution is willing to leave to Israel. The Israelis themselves had previous experience with this in 1967, when Jordan’s King Hussein announced his entry into the war by shelling civilians and having snipers fire on West Jerusalem

Even worse, there would be nothing to stop Iran from supplying deadlier and deadlier missiles and arms to both the PLO and Hamas. With the Jordan Valley out of Israeli control, there would be nothing to stop Iran from moving troops, missile launchers and armor  to Israel’s new borders.

Essentially, what the EU was saying to Ambassador Haley is that they weren’t going to support President Trump’s plan whatever it was, that Israel should be moved to indefensible borders, and that its enemies should have every strategic advantage so they can finally destroy it.

2334 also  violates the Oslo Accords and the Road Map, agreements the U.S. was a signatory to that stated unequivocally that any settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority could only be achieved through direct negations between the two parties.

And then of course, there’s that notion of ‘occupation.’ That term has always been used to describe one country forcibly invading and taking control of another country’s sovereign territory. And sovereign territory means land inside another established country’s recognized borders, like Saddam Hussein occupying Kuwait or the US occupying Germany or Japan.

So we have to ask the question…which country’s sovereign territory is Israel ‘occupying?’

It can’t be Jordan. Yes, Jordan illegally occupied Judea, Samaria (AKA The West Bank) and East Jerusalem in the 1948 war for 19 years after ethnically cleansing the Jewish population in this area,  but the UN never recognized these areas as Jordanian territory, Israel took it back in the Six Day war after Jordan attacked them and Jordan later gave up all claims to this area as part of their peace treaty with Israel. So it isn’t Jordan Israel’s occupying.

And it can’t be ‘Palestine’ either. It never existed as a sovereign nation with established borders at all. Owning a house in say, Pennsylvania does not make it and maybe your yard a sovereign country, now does it?

So there really is no ‘occupation.’ According to the San Remo Accords between the League of Nations (the UN of its day) and Britain in 1922, the 22% of the Palestine Mandate that includes Judea and Samaria and what is now Israel was supposed to be the Jewish State, while the 78% of it that’s now Jordan was supposed to be the Arab State. It’s the only partition of the area both sides ever agreed on, and it was reaffirmed in Article 80 of the UN Charter.

What the EU and their pals at the UN are doing is pretty simple to figure out. They’re simply doing what  Mark Twain predicted they would back in 1899 when the  Zionist movement was  beginning. Here’s what he had to say  in a famous article on Jews he did in Harper’s Magazine:

  I am not objecting; but if that concentration of the cunningest brains in the world were going to be made in a free country (bar Scotland), I think it would be politic to stop it. It will not be well to let the race find out its strength. If the horses knew theirs, we should not ride any more. 

Want further proof of how the EU has it in for Israel? The recent attempt to simply pass a resolution  condemning unprovoked terrorism  by Hamas against Israel in the UN General Assembly failed dismally once Israel’s enemies in the UN insisted on a two thirds majority instead of the simple majority Ambassador Haley wanted.

You know what did pass? A resolution sponsored by Ireland calling for ‘the achievement, without delay”  of the implementing  of U.N. resolution 2334.

Since 2334 was a series 6 Resolution that has no status as international law,  Israel promptly rejected it, as any country not interested in national suicide would.But thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, it remains a framework for countries that want Israel gone.

And make no mistake,it definitely is about the Jews. Much of what constitutes the EU will never forgive them for Auschwitz. Or for being so successful in a region noted for failed states.

Rob Miller







Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

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The Schumer & Pelosi show


Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the twin nutters of Congress, were certain they could beat Trump at his own game, but have made fools of themselves, as usual.  The stand-off is not over but with each passing day, the Democrats reveal more of their anti-American, pro-illegal immigration agenda.  Conservatives have been sounding the alarm for years: Democrats do not care about American citizens!

We are an annoying inconvenience, especially those of us who do not buy what they are selling.  We vote against them, which makes them angry.  They lash out at us, call us names, impugn our intelligence with fervor.  All of the late-night comics, the Bill Mahers of the comedy branch of the entertainment industry, are especially venal.  Jimmy Kimmel has decried those who have contributed to the GoFundMe page to fund the border wall as meth addicts.  It was begun by a Vet, Brad Kolfage, who lost three limbs and it’s raised nearly $15m.

It appears that Democratic members of Congress are as snowflakey as millennials on our university campuses. They assume that anyone who opposes their ridiculous socialist, genderless, climate-alarmist, virtue-signaling directives is a Neanderthal, unfit to have an opinion.  It is then thoroughly acceptable to malign such people, those of us who oppose every aspect of their anti-America-as-founded agenda, in any and every  disgusting manner they can devise.

The left is all about identity politics.  They assign all of us to a group — racial, class, and/or all of their fabricated gender categories.  The right is all about individuals, their character, their talent, their contributions to society.  We do not care about skin color, economic class or sexual orientation.  We do care about good vs. evil, right vs. wrong.  This makes us quite villainous in the eyes of the left for whom everything is relative. For example, we do not think poverty causes crime, unlearned values of Western Civilization do.  Try to steal an election? It is moral if it takes out an opponent.  We are, it appears, the left vs. the right, very different on a neurological level.

Schumer and Pelosi have armed guards whenever they are amongst the public.  But they are both fervent in their quest to deny us the right to bear arms and to prevent a wall on the southern border to protect us from the flood of lethal drugs that flow into the US.  They are impervious to the crimes of the barbaric gangs like MS13, no matter how many innocent Americans they kill.  They do not give a thought to the many illegals from terrorist nations that also seek to enter the country on a daily basis.  Schumer, Pelosi and their willing subjects in Congress ignore completely the horrific hazards that cross the border every day.  They want cheap labor, no matter how many Americans are left jobless, and they want, more than anything, a dependent underclass whom they mean to give the right to vote.  They already vote anyway, thanks to the Left’s rejection of Common-sense voter ID.

If there were a television program based on Schumer and Pelosi, it would have to be a comedy; the two of them are so inept, so childish. They would be  Dumb and Dumber redux.  Each of them seems to believe they run the country and can dictate to the president how he will govern. They demand that Trump abandon the wall.  They have no intention of compromising; they only want to deny Trump and his supporters what they want — border security that works.  So enraged, so benighted, by Trump’s presidency, they would rather see us overrun by migrants from third-world nations, like those who have destroyed the UK, Germany, Sweden, and the rest of Europe, than protect America as a sovereign nation.

The “government shutdown” is just a ploy, many times overused by now, relatively meaningless to the lives of most Americans. The Schumer & Pelosi show will do everything they can to hype it as a disaster, but we all know it is nothing of the kind.  Trump must hold out for funding of the wall.

While there have been some bad actors in our government in the past, Schumer and Pelosi are the worst of the worst.  They are equally arrogant, each thoroughly ignorant of reality beyond the bubble of wealth and privilege they inhabit.  They both believe themselves to be smarter than the rest of us, when in fact they are both really dim bulbs, long past their sell-by date.  Yes, Pelosi is good at raising money; how and why is a mystery.  That each of them is repeatedly re-elected does not say much for their constituents’ familiarity with the Constitution, the law, American history or the facts in their own communities.

San Francisco, Pelosi’s district is now a hell-hole but for her walled compound.  New York too, like California, is a state that residents are fleeing as fast as they can.  Both states have been destroyed by moonbatty leftists; high taxes, dumbing down of education for political purposes, and the sacrifice of common sense to global warming alarmists.  Schumer and Pelosi have for years been on board with every silly attempt to restructure, to transform, American society.  They both jumped on the Obama bandwagon the moment he was elected.  Along with Obama, they are responsible for incalculable damage done to this country over the eight years of that administration.  While their constant appearances on television are so often humorous (Pelosi’s silly, practiced hand gestures and Schumer’s relentless badgering of Trump),  they are not one bit funny.  They are just loathsome.

Photo credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos

[ MUSLIM TERROR ] ‘ACT OF TERROR’: ***WARNING*** Graphic VIDEO showing female tourists ‘beheaded’ in Morocco, 3 jihadis ARRESTED, ‘It’s Allah’s will’

[ MUSLIM TERROR ] ‘ACT OF TERROR’: ***WARNING*** Graphic VIDEO showing female tourists ‘beheaded’ in Morocco, 3 jihadis ARRESTED, ‘It’s Allah’s will’

“Moderate” Morocco. Three devout Muslims have been arrested after two female backpackers were found with severe neck injuries in their tent at a popular trekking spot in Morocco. The area is a popular starting point for hikes for tourists.

‘ISIS terrorists’ called murdered Scandinavians the ‘enemies of God’

‘It’s Allah’s will’: ‘ISIS terrorists’ branded two Scandinavian women the ‘enemies of God’ as they filmed themselves decapitating one of the tourists in Morocco – as knives they wielded are revealed

  • Dane Louisa Jespersen, 24, and Norwegian Maren Ueland, 28, were backpacking
  • They were found dead near the village of Imlil in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains
  • ‘ISIS fanatics’ call the women ‘enemies of God’ in a clip of one of the murders
  • Killings can be connected to ISIS, the Danish intelligence said this morning
  • Three men have been arrested on a bus in Marrakesh over the gruesome killing

Daily Mail, December 20, 2018

Suspected ISIS terrorists branded two Scandinavian women the ‘enemies of God’ as they filmed themselves decapitating one of the tourists in Morocco.

Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, were found dead near the village of Imlil in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains on Monday.

A video showing the murder of one of the women has been recognised as genuine, Danish intelligence service said today adding that the killings can be connected to ISIS.

Men in the gruesome clip can be heard shouting ‘it’s Allah’s will’ while there are claims that the words ‘this is for Syria’ were used, in an apparent reference to Western bombing missions in the war-torn country.

Graphic video scroll down.

ISIS terrorists are suspected of killing two Scandinavian women – Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen – in Morocco. It comes as police announced three suspects had been arrested on a bus in Marrakesh (pictured)

A picture has emerged showing a series of large knives the suspected killers wielded

Alaraby: Moroccan authorities have arrested three fugitive suspects with links to Islamic extremist groups in the grisly murder of two Scandinavian hikers following an intensive manhunt. Moroccan state news agecny MAP announced the development on Thursday that security forces arrested two of the suspects in the city of Marrakesh. “An investigation is ongoing on the suspicions that there was a terrorist motive for this crime that has been supported by uncovered evidence,” the report said.

On Thursday, Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said at a news conference that “much now indicates that the killings could be politically motivated and thus a terrorist act”. 

The arrests come after a first one on Monday hours after the women’s bodies were found in the Atlas mountains.

All three suspects are from Marrakesh, and one of them had “a court record linked to terrorist acts”.

Danish authorities said on Thursday they had authenticated a video posted on social media showing the murder of one of the women.

Louisa was an outdoor enthusiast

Police at the scene of the double murder of the two students who were camping

MOROCCO: Graphic Video has emerged of one of the two Scandinavian female tourists being ‘beheaded’ by Muslims at popular tourist hiking trail

By BNI, December 21, 2018:

The Danish and Norwegian victims, who were students in their 20s, were discovered by other tourists near the foot of North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkad with what police say was ‘evidence of violence on their necks’ while unverified local reports say they had been decapitated. At least one of the 3 suspected Muslim beheaders (below) is an ‘extremist, according to Morocco authorities. It raises fears that the gruesome double murder in Morocco was an act of terror

See second video below of beheading. WARNING: Graphic Images

The SUN  Three Muslim men have been arrested after two female backpackers, 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were found with severe neck injuries in their tent at a popular trekking spot in Morocco.

According to Morocco World News, a witness, who asked to not to be named, said the women were allegedly found decapitated.” Their bodies were found in a “remote mountainous region” about 6.2 miles from the centre of the village.

It is reported that three suspects from Marrakesh, who were camping nearby, have been arrested in connection with the murder. A source told Morocco World News: “The suspects were camping in the same area that the murder took place. “Witnesses saw the group at night as they were heading to the camp area.”

Police are also said to have identified the suspects through CCTV in local shops in the village. One of the suspects, according to the source, also left his ID card behind at the camp.

“The girls had taken all the precautionary measures before embarking on this trip.” (Except for the most important precautionary measure – NOT going backpacking in a Muslim country)

Both were students of “outdoor activities and cultural guidance” at the University of Southeastern Norway. They had reportedly set up a camp near Imlil which is a popular tourist destination at the foot of the Toubkal peak which is the highest in Africa.

Their motivation for the attack were….



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Rashida Tlaib Will Wear Palestinian Garb for Congressional Swearing In

Rashida Tlaib Will Wear Palestinian Garb for Congressional Swearing-In


One of the two first Muslim women to be elected to Congress has announced she will be showcasing both her religion and her Palestinian roots when she is sworn in on Jan 3


Rashida Tlaib:,,  and JAF IMAGES

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian American who was unchallenged in her bid to represent Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, posted a photo on Instagram of the gown or “thobe” that she will wear.

“Sneak peek: This is what I am wearing when I am sworn into Congress,” Tlaib wrote, using the hashtags #PalestinianThobe and #ForMyYama.

“Yama” is an Arabic term for mother.

“A thobe or thawb is a traditional gown worn in Arab countries in the Middle East and in some African countries,” the Huffington Post reported. “A Palestinian thobe is known for its embroidered patterns and has its own unique style depending on where the person wearing it hails from.”

Tlaib’s post prompted other Muslim women to share photos of themselves wearing the traditional garb and using the hashtags  #TweetYourThrobe or #TweetYourThoub.

“It’s official — we’re doing this! Post a pic in your thobe (embroidered scarf, shawl, whatever you got) on FB/Insta/Twitter bw Jan 3rd-5th to 1) celebrate Pal women’s art and 2) congratulate Rashida Tlaib,” Susan Muaddi Darraj, an English professor tweeted, using the hashtags #tweetyourthobe #tweetyourthoub #palestinianamerican #RashidaTlaib

Aljazeera described Tlaib’s Palestinian immigrant parents, who settled in Detroit, as coming from the “occupied” West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Aljazeera reported:

[Tlaib’s] campaign platform included pledges to secure a $15 minimum wage, preventing cuts to welfare programs such as Medicare and Social Security, as well as stopping tax relief to large corporations.

Earlier this month Tlaib told The Intercept that she plans to lead a congressional delegation to the Israeli-occupied West Bank, breaking from traditional trips to Israel for newly elected members taking place for decades, sponsored by the pro-Israel lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

She said she hopes to offer her fellow freshmen members of Congress an alternative introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ilhan Omar from Minnesota’s 5th District is the other Muslim women elected to Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, replacing Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, who left his seat to run for state attorney general, a post he won.

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“The Noble Quran,” القرآن الكريم,