Celebrities should get the facts then speak

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke out against Trump’s executive action on admitting refugees to the United States recently. And, as so often happens with celebrities, he did not bother to get a firm grasp on the matter first

“I keep seeing ‘Immigrants, We Get The Job Done’ on placards at every march, at every protest. I can’t tell you what that does to me as a writer to see a line [I wrote]. And what it means for the conversation, in this moment in history,” Miranda toldThe Huffington Post on Thursday.

The Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter also said Trump’s order is “against the fundamental freedom of religion in our constitution.”

I love when Liberals do this. The order has not the first thing to do with religion, a religious test, or squelching religious liberty. Yes, the seven nations, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya are Muslim nations. But the order does not cover only Muslims travelling from those nations. The order calls for an improved vetting system, to weed out potential terrorists. Further the order places no bans on travellers from 45 other Muslim nations. So, the “anti-Muslim” ban the Left speaks of is a false narrative, as nearly 90% of Muslim nations, and people travelling from those nations are not affected.

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Photo by Kristin “Shoe” Shoemaker