Ch-Ch-Ch Changes…Sean Spicer is Out, Anthony Scaramucci Is In

By Don Surber

Just as reporters are not supposed to be news, so it goes with PR men. Sean Spicer was a disaster from his first press conference onward. Apparently, President Trump gave him six months to shape up.

Spicer’s gone on the six-month anniversary of that disaster. Anthony Scaramucci is in. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will continue as spokeswoman. Melissa McCarthy’s misandrist days on “Saturday Night Live” are over.

The departure comes not because Trump is getting bad press. That was a given. Bad press is how Trump manipulates the press. And it does not come because Sean Spicer was a leaker (although he may be).

Nope, Spicer was incompetent.

President Trump does not mind bad press as long as it is his bad press.

He also is a better PR man than Sean Spicer, and well, anyone else. He expects to generate his own bad press. He did not need Spicer’s help.

The official line is that Sean Spicer resigned, Trump asked him to stay, Spicer said no, and Trump immediately hired Scaramucci. Trump had Spicer kicked upstairs to communications director.

The New York Times (who may have been tipped during an interview with the president this week) reported:

Mr. Scaramucci, who founded the global investment firm SkyBridge Capital and is a Fox News Channel contributor, is known for his spirited on-air defense of Mr. Trump, but he also enjoys good relationships with journalists from an array of outlets, including those the president has labeled “fake news.”

During the transition, Mr. Trump had planned to appoint Mr. Scaramucci, a 52-year-old Harvard Law graduate from Long Island, as director of his office of public liaison, but the offer was pulled at the request of Mr. Priebus over concerns about Mr. Scaramucci’s overseas investments.

His appointment came two months after the previous communications director, Mike Dubke, stepped down. Mr. Trump was frustrated with Mr. Priebus over the slow pace of finding a replacement, according to a half-dozen people familiar with the situation.

Now for the story the New York Times did not report.

And now, for the rest of the story…

Scaramucci was the victim of a CNN smear job who exacted a price, getting CNN to retract its “investigative report.” That is better than anything Spicer did.


Breitbart caught CNN investigative reporter Thomas Frank reporting Fake News.

Frank’s story said the Treasury Department and Senate Intelligence Committee were investigating Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to President Trump during the presidential campaign.

That was a lie.

Frank did such a lousy, slipshod job that CNN retracted the Fake News, and burned the URL for the story the next day.

The day after Frank of CNN reported the story, Breitbart reported: “One anonymous source told him both the Treasury Department and Senate Intelligence Committee are probing a Russian investment fund with ties to several senior finance world leaders close to President Trump. Only problem? Both Trump administration officials and those close to Senate GOP leadership say it’s simply untrue.”

That’s some investigation.

One source.

I have hopes for Scaramucci.

Be careful, media. The man has money — and lawyers.

Don Surber is a renowned retired newspaperman and columnist of forty years experience living in Poca, West Virginia. In July, he published Trump the Press on Amazon, a look at how the experts got the Republican nomination wrong. It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

His bestselling new book, Trump The Establishment is a stirring sequel covering the election. It is also available on Kindle, and in paperback.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read these books. i know I did! Lots.

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