[VIDEO] Charlie Kirk on Rubin Report is must-see TV

Charlie Kirk Rubin Report

Charlie Kirk, who brings patriotism, free market ideology, and respect for individual liberty to American colleges, is a must-see guest on the Rubin Report.

Not quite two years ago, I had the tremendous privilege to meet Charlie Kirk when he came to speak to a speakers group in Marin. I wrote about him then, summarizing as best as I could the remarkable cascade of brilliant insights this 22-year-old was reeling off.

At the time, I opened my post by writing “Oh. My. God. Charlie is a human dynamo: incredible intelligence and moral decency wrapped up in pure energy and passion, presented through the medium of a riveting presence.” I concluded that same post by saying “If you have the chance to attend a Charlie Kirk speech — take it. He is a genuine phenomenon.”

Twenty-two is pretty young and a lot can happen to a 22-year-old in a short time. If you’re Charlie Kirk, you get better. That is, you raise a high bar and then easily vault over it to set new standards for intellectual honesty, intelligent analysis, and fluent discourse. Don’t believe me? Watch him speaking last month to Dave Rubin, of the Rubin Report:

It’s a long video (Rubin works in long form, so he can develop his guests’ ideas), and it’s worth watching in its entirety. Not only do Charlie and Dave expound on core American ideas and genuine intellectual diversity, they also discuss a quiet revolution taking place on America’s college campuses.

I never did get around to telling you about Evan Sayet’s delightful talk to the same speaker’s group this past Wednesday. (And no, this is not the non sequitur it seems to be.) I meant to write about his talk, but the shooting in Florida came up and I got so focused on thinking and writing about it, that I sort of abandoned my follow-up on Evan’s talk. I’ll try to pick it up in a later post, because he had a lot to say about the liberal mindset, all of it insightful and interesting.

The reason I mention Evan here, though, is because he said something that Charlie echoes: namely, that outside of the noisy cohort of true believer Leftist students on campus, the ones who show up to shout down speakers, and who run on forever about safe spaces, triggers, microaggressions, etc., other college students are heading in the other direction. They know they’re being lied to — especially as they see that Trump hasn’t sent gays to concentration camps, arrested journalists, raped women (a Saddam Hussein & Sons specialty act) or done any of the other heinous things alleged against him.

These young people also see that the economy is going up, not down, and that America’s enemies are backing off not stepping up. Raised in houses with “woke” working mothers and work, emasculated fathers, they want two parent homes, with a stay-at-home Mom and a Dad supporting the family.

There is hope, Evan said, and Charlie, who’s in the college trenches, agrees. Interestingly, the media (that would be the same media Trump has not arrested) is refusing to report on this revolution, but it’s real.

Tonight, if you were planning on watching some TV, but didn’t have anything particular in mind, try watching the above video. I think you’ll enjoy it. I’m going to see if I can get the Little Bookworms to watch it. It might inoculate them a bit against the campus radicals.

If you like what Charlie has to say, please think about donating to his organization, Turning Point, USA.  As I’ve written time and time again, America’s campuses are the locus of the spreading socialist infection in America. Those graduates fill Silicon Valley, Hollywood executive offices, Madison Avenue, every news outlet, and all of America’s educational institutions. The rot started with them and needs to end with them.

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