Chavez Style Healthcare: Coming to a Hospital Near You

I have to thank a reader of Webloggin for reminding me just how delusional some people are when it comes to believing the crap put out by leftists and worse.

About a year ago I wrote a small piece about Maxine Waters who had at the time threatened the CEO of Shell Oil with the following:

this liberal would be all about socializing, er, ah would be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies

Leave it up to Waters to speak the truth about the Democrat agenda. She couldn’t help herself any more than a tiger could hide his stripes.

The title of the piece, “Congresswoman Maxine Water Pulls a Hugo Chavez“, must have grabbed a Koolaid drinker’s attention because he left me a comment that is so racked with deception and lies that I thought it a good springboard for this week’s Weasel Watching submissions.

Thank you Maxine Waters for standing up for the people of the United States. Too often politicians only stand up for the powerful corporate interests. Chavez is quite the opposite of fascism. He is about empowering the poor. Something the readers of this blog most likely despise, for they want to further empower the rich.

Besides being one of the most mind numbingly stupid statements I have ever read it reminded me that these ideologues have formed their misinformed opinions based on lies. Chavez is every bit the fascist dictator. He packed his Supreme Court to keep ultimate power, he suppresses his opposition by force and coercion, he has abolished democracy, taken over the media, made criticism of his government a crime and has taken over the infrastructure of private enterprise. Chavez is so crooked and despised that Human Right’s Watch released a 233 page report detailing just a small amount of his gross record.

Of all the lies and justifications that leftists have made concerning Chavez however it is the claim that he empowered the poor by providing them state run health care that hits home the most. Like Democrats today, Chavez made his empty promises and his supporters ran with the lie (as they still do today).

In 2007 an article appeared in the Miami Herald detailing the atrocious Venezuelan health care system.  When Chavez instituted his health care system doctors left in droves. To counter the exodus of doctors Chavez made a deal with Cuba to import Cuban doctors on a temporary basis. Of the many problems this caused Chavez was faced with an unmanageable nightmare as they created two separate systems where the people would have to choose from the Cuban system or the socialized Venezuelan system. As imagined most went with the Cuban doctors which resulted in more native physicians leaving the field. Over time it was learned that many of the Cuban doctors were using the new program to defect to the United States. Worse, the already broken down system was further eroded as patients had to navigate a new fragmented system resulting in inefficiency and an eventual breakdown. This didn’t even account for the corruption that was endemic as the government took control.

As if that wasn’t bad enough Cuban doctors also started leaving in droves, leaving the poorest without care at all.  (See Also, Health Mad)

Unfortunately this sort of information is hard to come by because communists and their left leaning socialist cousins in the Democratic Party have a tendency to play hide and seek with the facts. For instance, did you ever notice that Barack Obama never says the words “you will be free to pick and choose any private insurance of your desire, to change at your very whim?” Nope, the slick one always says “you can keep the insurance you have”, which is fine assuming that you are planning to keep that insurance forever. Try changing it after the fact however and that is another story. In other words Barack Obama is parsing his words very carefully which is essentially a lie wrapped in a truism.

But that doesn’t deter leftists. Their minds are so weak that they continue to promote the failed policies of murders, dictators and sadly as in the United States, liars. Keep this in mind when you call Congress to voice your opposition to the Democrat takeover of your choice and freedom in health care.

This week’s contest has many great reads on a whole host of topics the race baiting antics of Professor Gates to academic freedom.

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