Chick-fil-A holds voter drive, Offendeditis erupts

Wait, I thought Democrats wanted to get out the vote?

The Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County are crying foul over Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark’s decision to hold voter registration drives at nine Chick-fil-A locations. Chick-fil-A, the fast-food chain known for putting faith ahead of profits, supports conservative causes.

Susan McGrath, leader of the Stonewall Democrats and head of the Pinellas Democratic Party, said the decision to use Chick-fil-A would be similar to a Democratic supervisor of elections holding the event at Planned Parenthood.

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  1. Dems call a whaaaambulance once again because they’re entitled to dictate
    the rules of the game. How Unreasonable. Chick-Fil-A Registering Ppl to vote

    – Yet, in the State of Virginia, a young Democrat Just Registered 19 Poltergeists
    – Virginia’s Democratic Governor wants to register Murderers, Rapists, & Thieves
    – Apparently conceding that all Murderers, Rapists & Thieves are Democrat voters
    – The Far Left Organization Planned Parenthood is Registering Voters at it’s Clinics
    – The Dems want Illegal & Legal aliens to vote & are considering registering livestock

    – However, our Military votes from overseas have gone uncounted
    – A Leftist SCOTUS appointee thinks it’s proper to criticize a candidate
    – A candidate thinks it’s proper to call her opponent’s supporters deplorable
    – The SAME candidate who’s previous decisions in office caused actual Deaths
    – The SAME candidate who’s previous decisions Compromised National Security
    – And the Dems are trying to solicit votes from Americans living in foreign countries

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