February 21, 2018

Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Parker (Fauquier) Should NOT be Reappointed to the Bench

Virginia Right! joins a chorus of others in urging the Virginia Legislature to deny reappointment of Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Parker to the bench in Fauquier or anywhere else.

Farmer Martha Bonetta

Judge Parker has been such a poor judge that some citizens are even calling for his impeachment.

CFact notes:

In accordance with Virginia law, the Executive Secretary of the Virginia Supreme Court Dec. 1 submitted evaluation reports for 27 judges eligible for reappointment. Among the circuit court judges to be officially evaluated for reappointment, Judge Parker finished dead last. All told, 155 attorneys and jurors submitted evaluations of Judge Parker. Of those, only 56% found that he displays knowledge of the law every time, only 58% found that he is faithful to the law every time, only 54% found that he allows lawyers appropriate latitude in presenting their case every time, and only 58% found that he exhibits fairness to all parties every time. Only 55.6% rated Judge Parker’s performance as “excellent.”

During his stormy 16-year term, Parker has seen many of his decision overturned. Widespread anger over the judge’s erratic behavior led Virginians from all walks of life to gather in Richmond Dec. 2 to air their complaints before the Courts of Justice Committee’s Judicial Review. Citing Parker’s controversial rulings in cases ranging from domestic abuse to land-use disputes, outraged Virginians demanded that Parker not be reappointed.

Source: Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Parker (Fauquier) Should NOT be Reappointed to the Bench



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