Civil War 2.0 going hot in Portland, Oregon

Civil War 2.0 going hot in Portland, Oregon

By Peter Barry Chowka


It was exactly two years ago that I was reporting, including here at American Thinker and at The Epoch Times, on Occupy ICE Portland, a ragtag group of professional Marxist agitators and local grifters who set up camp adjacent to Portland’s ICE (federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement) building and effectively shut it down for almost a month. During that insurrection, the police were ordered to stand down by the city’s left-wing Democrat mayor. Occupy ICE demanded not only an end to ICE, but, as I wrote in June 2018, to borders, police, and prisons. As absurd as those demands may have seemed at the time, they have now gone mainstream including being championed by many leading Democrats not only in Portland but nationwide in the wake of the fuse lit by the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody on May 25….


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