Cleveland Police Hunt for Suspect who Broadcasted Murder Live on Facebook.

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Steve Stephens (Facebook photo)

What the hell is Facebook’s problem. Mark Zuckerberg is purging Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Christians from Facebook yet murderers, rapists and child molesters get away committing their crimes on Facebook’s live feed.

As such is the case of Steve Stephens (Stevie Steve per his Facebook page) who via Facebook’s live video feed bragged about killing a man, chose his victim randomly, an elderly Black man and demanded that the man say the name, “Joy Lane.”

The victim at first had no idea what the killer was up to until the pig pulled a gun pointing it at the victim’s head and fired.

The killer blamed it on “Joy Lane.” The now deceased’s final words were “I don’t know no Joy Lane.”

Having seen the video, on LiveLeak, which I will not post here.  It is horrific and I can only hope that Cleveland Police finds cold-blood, Steve Stephens fast before he kills again.  Odds are that he’s killed before because he was too darned calm and cold. [See for updates here and here.]

When Cleveland Police finds Steve Stephens, one can only hope that they afford Stephens the same lack of dignity and self-respect that Stephens denied his victim.

The video remained on Facebook for three hours before Stevens’ Facebook about was deactivated.

The shooting happened on East 93rd Street just south of the Interstate 90 in the city’s Glenville neighborhood, Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia said. The accused shooter, Steve Stephens, broadcast the shooting live on Facebook…

Stephens, whose name on Facebook was “Stevie Steve,” broadcast another video of himself about 3 p.m., claiming to have killed other people and talking on the phone admitting that he snapped and “messed up.” Those killings have yet to be verified and no additional victims have been found, Ciaccia said[…]

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The story is still unfolding. Steve Stephens is evil and said that he will continue to kill until he is stopped.
Below is a short interview of the family of the deceased now fatherless.

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An innocent man died today. May Mr. Robert Goodwin, Sr. rest in peace.


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