Super Weasel: Susan Roesgen – Overrated CNN Hacktivist

Susan Roesgen of CNN receives the Watcher of Weasels most prestigious award for unparalleled stupidity while trying to smear the tea party protesters at Chicago’s federal building.

Founding Bloggers was on the scene and they captured the angry response by Chicago protesters as Roesgen intentionally zeroed in on a signs calling Barack Obama a socialist and tried to degrade a man implying that he shouldn’t be protesting taxes because Illinois gets $50 Billion dollars of stimulus money. Before letting the man respond she moves on and continues with her condescending spiel. This was the smear that CNN broadcast. What they didn’t broadcast however was the response by protesters that put her in her place. That video was captured by Founding bloggers. (hat tip Hot Air)

Also uncovered by Brietbart was a video segment of the same CNN hack covering a lefty protest in support of Barack Obama with praise, respect and near adulation.

It is important to point out that this idiot from CNN was doing an intentional smear job by acting as if she didn’t realize that the protest was much more than a protest of taxes. It was a protest of Barack Obama and all of his economic policies that are a continuation of George Bush’s horrendous bailout package; except Obama’s are Bush on steroids.

But that is only where Roesgen’s stupidity begins; if she wants to paint the stimulus money as some sort of tax relief she’d be dead wrong. But even framing it as a so called stimulus package is a stretch. Just about half of the $50 Billion being sent to Illinois will be sent to keep the state’s mismanaged medicaid program alive. Some of it is money already spent because Illinois is a deadbeat state with over $2 Billion dollars in an unpaid Medicare backlog.

But the biggest slice of the stimulus plan has been more than $24 billion in grants to state Medicaid programs to help keep afloat state health insurance plans for the poor.

Also is the fact that Illinois is one of the most corrupt and mismanaged states in the nation. Unemployment in this state is at a record 9% and there is no indication that the stimulus money will provide any tax relief to Illinoisans. In fact Illinoisans are looking at a record 50% increase in state taxes alone this year and much of the stimulus will be spent on the sinkhole known as the state’s school system.

Other money is going to FEMA and central illinois for green energy programs.

What else?

The state will receive $73.8 million to fund child care for families who can’t afford baby sitters while they work, get job training or look for jobs.

Another $7 million in funding and grants will be available to Illinois for children of low-income families to get the vaccines they need.

A separate vaccine program sponsored by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Chicago will get an additional $1.5 million.

Does this sound like stimulus or welfare?

Another reason we don’t know where all the money is going is because Illinois won’t say. Like many states in the nation they refuse to provide a list. Surprised? No? Me neither.

In any event the next time a moron like Susan Roesgen approaches you in a conjured up MSM hit piece you kshould challenge them. Be cordial, calm, Know your facts and be the best spokesman for our cause that you can be. With luck you will run into the standard MSM stenographer hacktivist and expose them for the anti-journalists that they are.