July 17, 2018

[VIDEO] College students’ take on Betsy DeVos is an argument for raising voting age to 45

College students Betsy DeVos

College students struggle to reconcile the Leftist myths about Betsy DeVos with the real woman’s deep commitment to educating America’s children.

Hypeline News went to a college campus and asked several students what they thought of Betsy DeVos. Those who appear in the video are unanimous in their dislike and disdain for her. What elevates this above the ordinary “Aren’t college kids brainwashed, sheep, or stupid?” video is what happens when they’re confronted with the facts.

If I were a nicer person, I would have felt sorry for them. As it is, I hope they learned a valuable lesson, the primary one of which is that their college’s faculty members and administrative staff are lying to them and quite deliberately keeping them ignorant to advance a specific political ideology.

Honestly! After watching that video, I can’t think of a better thing to do than to raise the voting age to 45. Today’s young generation is so in thrall to slogans, and so uninformed about facts, that it’s a criminal act to let them near a voting booth.

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