Comey Blames American Voter For Choosing Bad Politicians, Business Leaders

I find it difficult to take anything that guy says seriously after his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton investigation as well as his politicization of the FBI while he was in office. But it appears that James Comey is taking the lead of Hillary Clinton and blaming American voters for selecting untrustworthy and selfish political and business leaders.

Do I think we are to collectively to blame? Nope. For one thing we don’t choose business leaders. I never voted for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg or JP Morgan-Chase’s Jamie Dimon and don’t know why he says that other than he knows people on corporate boards who did.

In 2010 Republicans attempted to elect grassroots politicians who reflected the views of the average Republican. This was the Tea Party election, and those we put in power like Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio were bought off by the Republican elite who then branded the grassroots Tea Partiers as racists.

In 2016 grassroots Democrats attempted to elect Bernie Sanders as their candidate for president. Sanders was despised by the Democratic party elite and they openly conspired to rig the primary election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In 2016 grassroots Republicans got their revenge on the GOP elite by picking a complete outsider, Donald Trump, in the primaries. The elite tried to sabotage his candidacy several times but could not overcome the anger of the GOP base, leading to the unusual call by several members of the GOP elite to vote for Clinton.

Since his election Trump has been attacked by both Democrat and Republicans elites who have attempted to undermine or sideline his goals. His presidency is laying bare something many have always suspected: the elites of both parties are more similar to each other than they are their own bases. Both support cheap labor policies and encourage dependency on government. Both are interventionist abroad.

Comey is a member of that elite. The circles he moves in and the air he breathes is not the same as that of the 99.99% outside that elite.

Blaming us is laughable and proves how out of touch the man is.

Photo by Mike Licht,