July 22, 2018

Comic Writings For 2016-2017

credit: disney.wikia.com
credit: disney.wikia.com

By: Mike McDaniel    I think it time I veer away from the political carnage and enjoy a laugh or two. Each year I post the inadvertently funny things my students write, and sometimes, say. I also throw in the occasional odd communication between staff members. Lest anyone think these grammatical and syntactic car wrecks are prima facie evidence of the failure of the public schools, please keep in mind most of them were written by my better students. How can that be? The purpose of school is, obviously, to learn, but it is also to build necessary skills. In that process, making mistakes is an integral part of learning and improving, and my better students often make errors when stretching a bit beyond their present abilities. This is a good thing, which demonstrates the schools are doing what they should be doing.

So, let’s plow ahead, gentle readers, and enjoy the delights of the inadvertent butchery of the mother tongue.

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