When it comes to being conservative, baby, I was born this way!

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Conservative baby

If being conservative isn’t a choice but is, instead, a genetic imperative, you can shame your Leftist friends when they attack you for being born this way.

The Left is insistently telling us that, except for gender, which is apparently infinitely mutable, the two most important things about us are constrained by accidents of birth: sexual orientation and race. Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that race is, above all things, a mutable social construct based upon a genetic soup — something singularly unlike the XX and XY genes that, barring an infinitesimally small number of genetic errors, establish our sex as an entirely binary construct.

No, we’re going to ignore the science of race and sex and, instead, for purposes of this post, we’re going to accept that Lady Gaga was correct — “Baby, I was born this way — and you’d damn well better respect the way I was born, or else you are a bigot, a racist, and a hater.”

So what are we to make of the news that, apparently, conservatives are indeed born that way? Just yesterday, we learned that people with the gift of highly attuned olfactory senses are conservative. Add this to the fact that, back in 2013, studies of twins revealed that political orientation is likely hardwired. And of course, there’s the scientifically-proven fact that conservatives really are more attractive than Leftists.

You know what this means, of course? The next time someone says something nasty about your politics, you look that person right in the eye and say, “Baby, I was born this way — and you’d damn well better respect the way I was born, or else you are a bigot and a hater.”

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Photo credit: Lil’ Miss Independent, by 4Nzlk. Creative commons; some rights reserved.


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