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2016 Top Ten Movies Oscar Award Show

Oscar Predictions – 2016 movies


The Closet Conservative Critic

(Brief recap of who the Closet Conservative Critic is….C.C.C. is a 50-something “person of interest” who occasional writes on the Bookworm Blog, under the guise of the “Closet Conservative Critic”, reviewing Hollywood movies, and giving opinions with the perspective of a conservative. C.C.C. has worked in Hollywood and rubbed elbows with some of the most Liberal of the bunch. C.C.C. now lives in Marin County, and secretly lays low as a minority conservative, in a bastion of limousine liberals)

Here are my predictions for this Sunday’s Oscars… I’ll mention who I THINK will win, and who I WANT to win…. Please don’t use my chart to place any Vegas bets. This is purely based on gut feeling, and looking at patterns over the years…

First and foremost, my most obvious prediction. The Hollywood crowd will make this Oscar evening a “Let’s Bash Trump and the Republicans” night. Take that one to the bank. For that reason alone, I will not be watching the Oscars as they are broadcast on television. I’ll tune in later in the evening to see who won.

Best Picture

SHOULD WIN: La La Land: Charming, fun, romantic, innovative, emotional, colorful…. Some call it light, some call it what movies are meant to be. I loved it. It’s my personal favorite of the year.

PREDICTION: La La Land. It has the makings of the kind of movie that occasionally wins Oscars. Not the deepest or most thought provoking but makes everyone smile. A Hollywood bittersweet feel-good movie.

Best Actress (Ladies first)

SHOULD WIN: Emma Stone: La La Land. She can sing, she can dance, she can act. And, her small town charm won over my heart.

PREDICTION: Natalie Portman, Jackie. By no means a lock, but my money is on this young actress who played a role of a modern day character that all fondly rememberd, Mrs. JFK, Jackie. Ruth Negga from Loving has an outside shot so don’t count her out.

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