Conservatives to Democrats: “Shut up, you hypocrites!”

My dear friend Lulu has something to say about the latest attacks against Donald Trump:


So I happened to look at Buzzfeed today, that Internet site that gives millennials a mixture of entertainment and distilled news all made in easy reading packages and animated with gifs. There were 8 “news” feeds about horrible octopus groping Trump. Eight. All essentially saying the same thing. In case you missed the point with the other seven. Oh yes, and one link about wonderful Hillary getting a major Latino endorsement.

Also, in case you haven’t been following Wikileaks, it turns out that the DNC and the Clintons have had a Pravda-like partnership with the media. They colluded to get rid of Bernie and succeeded. They colluded to give Hillary the debate questions before the debates. They colluded to attack Trump in the debates and go gently on Hillary. They colluded to promote Trump as the candidate figuring he was the easiest to defeat. They colluded to simultaneously release smears about Trump’s alleged groping, all coincidentally by Democrat party hardcore supporters.

So permit me to say that whatever the media says now affects me very little any more. Every Republican candidate, even a Mormon Boy Scout like Mitt Romney, has been characterized as evil incarnate. You know, a dog torturer, a cancer a victim murderer, etc. The charges make a mega mountain out of a miniscule nothing-burger molehill. They exaggerate, imply, create innuendos, report rumors as facts (remember the fabricated story about McCain having an affair with a lobbyist as BIG frontpage NYT news?).

So who cares anymore? It’s like the endless accusations of triggering or racism. Repeated ad infinitum. It’s meaningless. It loses its power. Whatever. Shut up.

Just look at this picture of Leo diCaprio (and E News’s enthusiastic caption):

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