White Cop Saves White Child Left in Hot Car in Florida Overnight 12 Hours

Cop Saves Child Who Was Unconscious In Florida, left in Car Overnight

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

A Cop saves child left in a hot car overnight for 12 hours, in Florida, and it makes national news. And he’s “a hero.” Why is it national news? Why is he a hero?

First—make no mistake—that a cop saves a child is news. But he’s not necessarily a “hero,” and he would probably say that.

There’s nothing unusual or extraordinary here—except that he was able to actually save the child. He would probably say, he was just doing his job, which is to “serve and protect.”

Second—when life is in the balance, and you really, really, really  need a cop now, it can seem miraculous when he, or she, arrives in time. And, yes, in your universe, that cop would be a hero, and it would be news.

But for the rest of us, why?

Because we are a nation of consumers trained to consume. The media have prepped us to respond to their cue. We think what they want us to think. We say and do as they wish. For the most part, we are a nation of trained, conditioned, even brainwashed slaves of media, advertising, marketing, and control. In this sort of story, the cop is always “a hero.” A Hercules; a Sansom; a Paul Bunyan.

Our minds expect this procedure. We are at one with looking for it.

We have old, pre-existing grooves that tell us how to respond, behave, and what to do, as in tales of classical mythology, set in our DNA like diamonds.

Myths have been related by trusted story-tellers and absorbed by innocent listeners for tens of thousands of years. The ancient Judean has heard and told the same classic myths, and had the same dreams, as the ancient North American native. Humanity is the same everywhere, in every epoch.

So what the media has done is co-opt this part of our DNA.

They have taken over the same part of our brain that, in any told tale, looks for a beginning; a middle; and an end. The same part of us that expects a battle by Good against Evil. The same part that feels something amiss when the hero doesn’t win the lover, the gold, and the reward.

The so-called, “Mainstream Media,” their advertisers, and their actors of make-believe, have substituted their own slime-drenched mind-swill for our inborn Classic Mythic humanity. Their “commercials” and leftist agenda have replaced the great Mythic tales of how to Be and live—what we expect. They have commited this obscene usurpation with programming they want us to emulate.

They let us know what we should think, say, and do. They manipulate us to shop, buy, consume, worship them, and act out their programmed agenda. They are so adept at this science that they can even make “folks” believe some dead children matter more than other dead children.

They can make “folks” believe that whats bad is good, what’s good is really bad, and that whoever they choose, can be “a hero.”

This Florida Sheriff’s Deputy, and the little girl he saved, are both white. “White” is not a protected and extolled class, like, say, Mexican, Muslim, Gay, or even black (which might not last much longer.)

But had this little girl and her mother—who was arrested—been members of protected classes, would we be even reading about it? Would it have been minimized? Or would it have been maybe suppressed or hidden away?

The mother went to a liquor store, around 11 PM, and took her three kids inside. When she got them home, she brought only two kids inside and presumably put them to bed. Apparently she never missed the third child—the one the Deputy saved.

How do you do that—forget about the one you left outside in the car? Was she drunk? Was she drinking, or otherwise distracted by some mind-rotting something?

So. That this Deputy and the child and the mother are all three white, is actually partly why the MSM are playing this as a—wow—heroic event.

The fact that whitey does it makes it less baddy when an ethnic does it.

Oh…and, in this case, it’s white on white. Would it be portrayed differently if: black cop, white child? White cop, black child? Black cop, black child?

“Wait a second,” you might say at this point, “Whoa! Whoa!”

Is this a rant? Is this overboard on ethnicity and the media?

What do you think about that? Am I  the one who has made the media into what it really is? Or does the media openly present its own self, its agenda, and its own priorities?

Am I the one out of line?

Or, am I the one forced by the media—its enablers and enforcers—am I forced to question all their acts and motives?

Does the MSM lie or obfuscate in order to bring minds to a point congruent with its own? Do they lie to brainwash you? Ever? Never?

My entire point—vague as it may seem to some—is this:

You can’t believe the lying, agendized MSM, its enablers, or its supporters; and they have done this to themselves. They have made themselves liars and enforcers, in thrall to Liberal causes and ends. To them, Americans are farm animals, bred to serve the Collective. And they—the MSM—are high-priests of that Collective.

The Deputy is a hero, in the sense that he probably saved a child’s life. The mother is a villain. We, the public, only know what we are allowed.

The little girl is a total Innocent. She is defenseless. She goes and does as she is told—completely  dependent upon others for everything….

…much like the general American public.

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