Corrupt Democrat Names Names, Exposes Weasels

Those of us in the Chicago area know all too well about government corruption. However there is probably no better insight than that given by scorned, angry and vindictive impeached former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. This morning he appeared on WLS AM as a sit in for morning hosts Don Wade and Roma, AND HE IS NAMING NAMES, EXPOSING CORRUPTION AND TELLING SECRETS.

The astute Illinois based weasel watcher will note that the former governor is himself one of the biggest, most loathed political weasels in Illinois history. Never forget that he was impeached in part for shaking down a Children’s hospital for political contributions. But what he is doing now is real history, so much so that I fear that he should be hiring a full time security staff for himself and his family. It is the ugliest, dirtiest and thus most entertaining political theater at it’s best. Democrat versus Democrat, weasel vs. weasel. Best of all it will all be available for download by tomorrow.

One of the repeated charges that Blagojevich had made was that he was being impeached for his stance on refusing to raise the Illinois income tax despite the urging of the powerful Speaker of the House Mike Madigan and others in Madigan’s circle of politically connected friends and family.

Prior to being impeached Blagojevich charged that Democrats were going to attempt to raise taxes the minute he was ousted from office. And guess what, right on cue the new replacement Governor Pat Quinn is pushing a budget with a stunning 50% increase in the Illinois income tax under the guise that it is the patriotic duty of wage earners to make up the corrupt state government’s mismanaged deficit.

When Blagojevich appeared on WLS AM this morning he had a singular purpose of sending another missile across the bow of Madigan, Quinn and the Chicago political outfit. And he delivered, noting that Madigan’s daughter Lisa is seeking to move from the Attorney General’s office toward a run for Governor in 2010, exposed many of the political double dippers that hold 2 jobs in Illinois government, their salaries and motivations for towing the line of powerful Democrats noting that they risk losing their low key yet high paying non-legislative jobs if they oppose the speaker’s desires. Blagojevich even outlined the ties between this cabal of corrupt legislators by naming family relationships in an all too intertwined government that has been the bane of Illinoisans for as long as I can remember.

The Watcher would like everyone to note that everyone single one of these players are Democrats.

Of course the true purpose of this article is to announce this week’s list of articles that are in competition for exposing the past week’s biggest weasels. Have at it!

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