Crap and Trade – The Obama Legacy is Taking Shape

This week’s submissions come at a sad time for America. The Obama administration is quickly moving to eclipse Jimmy Carter as perhaps the worst administration to have ever been placed into office. The difference between this administration and that of Jimmy Carter is the concept of the legislative process. Even though Carter had Democrat majorities for the 95th and 96th Congress he was not successful at forwarding his singular agenda. He met resistance passing his tax and welfare plans and was shot down with many of the bills that he spearheaded.

All that is different today. It is amateur hour on Capitol Hill with one difference, the Democrats have a plan to circumvent the legislative process. Thus perverting many of the checks and balances our Forefathers put in place to protect the American people from a tyrannical government.

Michelle Malkin discusses the new mode of operation by Obama’s Congress:

Deliberation in Washington is dead. We don’t have legislators. We have lemmings. We don’t have debates. We have high-speed hysteria sessions. After ramming through stimulus legislation that no one read and bailout bills that no one understood, Congress is now poised to stuff down taxpayers’ throats a deficit-exploding $3.5 trillion budget that enshrines the largest tax increase in American history.

Welcome to the cap-and-trade crap sandwich.

The Democrats want to rig the game so you don’t have time to figure out this latest act of collective thievery before it’s perpetrated. They have been colluding on a plan to circumvent the Senate’s 60-vote threshold and amendment process by attaching their massive green tax scheme to a special budget legislative maneuver (“budget reconciliation” in the parlance of the Washington sausage-makers). No less than Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd criticized this short-circuiting of debate as an “outrage that must be resisted” and “an undemocratic disservice to our people.” But the eco-zealots on the Hill seem hell-bent on telling Americans to shut up and swallow.

It has to get pretty bad before Robert Byrd starts making sense.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are just the tip of the iceberg. They are perpetrating an inside plan to tear down and redefine the American way. In doing so they will reduce Americans to the least common denominator all in the name of a warped sense of social justice. We can’t throw these bums out soon enough.

Please enjoy this week’s submissions. Voting will be held on Thursday evening and the results will be out on Friday.

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