Crazy Flynn Judge Emmet Sullivan Strikes Down Asylum Law, Orders Return Of Invaders – “Everybody in the world will be able to come here….”

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Crazy Flynn Judge Emmett Sullivan Strikes Down Asylum Law, Orders Return of Invaders

The lunatic federal judge who acted in the Flynn case Tuesday was busy acting crazy again on Wednesday.

He ruled that most of former attorney general Jeff Sessions’ decision from June — making asylum claims more difficult to advance by those claiming domestic or gang-related violence — was illegal.

How can it be illegal when the law does not allow for it? We now have to take in much of the world. Asylum seekers can claim anything as a reason.

This is how he made his decision: he interpreted the law in the broadest sense as the far-left is doing. In his decision, he began by writing: When Congress passed the Refugee Act in 1980, it made its intentions clear: the purpose was to enforce the “historic policy of the United States to respond to the urgent needs of persons subject to persecution in their homelands.”


He is saying that a “credible fear” can be domestic abuse, criminal behavior of other natives, and pretty much anything.

The ruling is so broad that it will allow some would-be asylum seekers a second chance to make their claim, even though they don’t qualify.

Not only that, we have to pay to bring the rejects back as we are inundated at the border — 50,000 a month of these people — the ones we catch that is.

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Everybody in the world will be able to come here — literally.

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan struck down those parts of the June decision from Sessions that Sullivan found violated federal law and ordered the federal government to return those people to the US who had been deported as a result of the Sessions’ decision.

The judge went on to find that that….


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