Crooks, Cheats and Liars

If you don’t know where I’m going with this article then you just woke up yesterday after living a life on the moon. I don’t even know where to begin.

Now that our government has signed the biggest fraud into law the officials that some people elected into office have left the country on European junkets. Meanwhile the rug was pulled out from under the stock market and liars such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi pat themselves on the back for a scam well done.

Now the President is on the stump targeting “predatory lenders”, seeking to blame them for the problems caused by the elected crooks in Congress (that means you Barney). Worse, President Obama is including a new scheme to prop up people that should have never received home loans in the first place. It seems that the people that played by the rules, the real victims of this national fraud, will continue to take it on the chin; paying their mortgages as their home values decrease below the cost of the loan. No longer are Americans supposed to expect that their homes will be a long term investment. Instead it is a commodity, used by banks for speculation and then nationalized by the very same government that ushered in the policies that allowed mandated everyone to play fast and free with loans.

On a related note we have yet another set of Democraps that have proven themselves to be nothing more than liars. Exhibit A is Roland Burris. He is now on his fourth story concerning the purchasing of Barack Obama’s vacated senate seat.

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Suddenly the mainstream media can raise a stink about this corrupt illegitimate Senator. Now that the stimulus scheme has been passed with his much needed 60th vote even Democrats can act like they didn’t know what was going on.

IL. Senate Majority Leader Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-CHICAGO) sat on the affidavit for almost 9 days, saying she forgot it was locked in her desk. It surfaced conveniently after the trillion dollar stimulus plan was voted on. So you would think that the next question would be whether or not anyone in the Obama administration was given notice about the new affidavit and if Curry was asked to sit on it. Unfortunately most everyone in today’s MSM news corps are lackeys for President Barry O and won’t even broach the subject.(see here, and here)

Roland Burris, another failure of a corrupt and contemptible media that should be put on soup lines, making room for legitimate journalists.
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