CSU’s War on “Patriarchy” – forms “Feminist Fight Club”

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Colorado State University’s formation of a feminist fight club as with everything else spearheaded by those diseased with Trump Derangement Syndrome is about disrupting the order of things.


defined as the intense “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e. the male sex).”

Source: Oxford Dictionary.

War on the Patriarchy

Yet another wave in the wussification of the male sex* that consists of the modification of thought and  behavior amongst members of the male population*.

Contempt for men and boys, by whom?  The MeToo crowd, 21st century feminists, many too young to be be this damned bitter, women and misinformed girls.  Some are caught up in this everybody wants to be part of a movement hysteria which, let us be honest, went into overdrive after a man won the presidency over a woman.  How dare they? (sarcasm) 

Call them by what they are: “misandrists,” who do not give a damn that the “man,” was a far better candidate, worked hard 17 hours a day and gave his all compared to a  “female” candidate that made no effort, lied, cheated, offered nothing to the American people but expected to win the 2016 presidential election hands down based on some unfounded sense of self-entitlement and then colluded, again out of that sense of entitlement with those seeking to overturn election results.

Colorado State University (“CSU”) in collaboration with Jessica Bennett, misandrist and author of the book, “Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace · From Stonewall to Mainstream” has formed “the first campus chapter of the Feminist Fight Club.”  “First campus chapter” meaning to expect others on campuses across the country in their quest to embarrass, control, silence and further the oppression of our boys and men.

Unlike Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel, Fight Club or the 1999 movie, “Fight Club,” the feminist fight club is not an underground club that holds weekend “physical entanglements” in the basements and parking lots of bars.  No, CSU’s feminist fight club is something far more nefarious as all things social justice are.

…our Principles of Community of inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice.  Specific calls to action include:

· Elevating interests, concerns, and voices of those from underrepresented

· Being an upstander by interrupting problematic behaviors and implementing
more inclusive practices

· Supporting the recruitment, retention, development, and success of
members from historically marginalized groups

· Building relationships of trust, respect, dialogue, cooperation, and
solidarity to work together across differences…


The behavior, actions, words, thought (yes, thought), emotions and perception of male counterparts by misandrists will be dissected through the process of discrimination, indoctrination, guilt-tripping, and blame game of banshees screaming.

Mission Statement:

…We [The Feminist Fight Club] seek to develop our skills in identifying and addressing problematic behaviors that disadvantage women and other marginalized groups in the workplace by building upon the research and strategies presented in the book, Feminist Fight Club. We also focus on holding ourselves accountable to one another as we model and practice behaviors that foster a campus culture and climate that supports the success of all students and employees. To this end, we commit to support one another through honest reflection, courageous dialogue, and collective action….

Domination and control over those (men) of whom “toxic feminists” aka misandrists show contempt.

Stated on its website under CSU’s “Principles of Community,” the feminist fight club is“an initiative to integrate the research and strategies from the book Feminist Fight Club into campus life through ongoing meetings, workshops, and community engagement.” 

Here we go again with the illusion of a safe space which in the real world is non-existent.


Besides being another darned label, what is a manterrupter?

Misandrists are pushing their ideological agenda to antagonize others and then hide behind the fact that they are female by invoking President Donald J. Trump into the conversation.

Lots of good it did back in 2016 when Bennett published an article in Time entitled, “How to Stop a ‘Manterrupter’ Like Donald Trump.

Bennett’s  first example of who and what is a “manterrupter” is the infamous  2009 MTV Video Music Awards incident in which an either outraged or inebriated Kanye West grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift.

The second example of a “manterrupter,” which will come as no surprise since this is the war on the patriarchy is about is the interruption of Hillary Clinton by then Republican Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump during the first presidential debate.

According to Bennett, Trump interrupted Crooked Hillary and debate host, Lester Holt, 55 times compared to Crooked interrupting now President Donald J. Trump and Holt 11 times.

Holt’s anti-Trump bias was yet again overlooked as Bennett went on to list tactics “for fighting casual manterrupters that women, men and even bosses can employ.”

One of the rules, of course, is the establishment of a no interrupting rule. Good luck with that.


The Feminist Fight Club is exactly as it is named to be. Civility is not an option.

Source: CSU Feminist Fight Club Guide

Also posted under the section, “Diagnosing and combatting problems”:

Diagnosing a problem begins with being able to identify and name it. Feminist Fight Club is backed by research that defines problems — such as “manterrupters” — and provides tactics — called “fight moves” — to combat subtle sexism, like enlisting “boast buddies” to help give attention to the value of women’s work and contributions.


There is even an 11-page guide (at bottom of post) and on page 2 of of CSU’s feminist fight club guide, the following orders, correction rules:

Every fight club needs a few simple rules. These are rules we’ve adopted for the FFC at CSIJ.

Rule No. 1: You must talk about the Feminist Fight Club at CSU.

Rule No. 2: You MUST talk about the Feminist Fight Club at CSU.

Rule No. 3: We fight PATRIARCHY (and all forms of harassment, bullying, inequity, discrimination, -isms, and -phobias), not each other.

Rule No. 4: Membership to the FFC means you’ve taken an oath to help and support women – ALL women and those from historically marginalized groups.

Rule No. 5: The FFC is inclusive and non hierarchical. Everyone’s an equal fighter.

Rule No. 6: The fight is not over until we have achieved gender equity for all people.

Rule No. 7: No wallflowers. Everyone must fight!


“manterrupters”? “fight moves”? “boast buddies”? rules that include the orders, “Everyone must fight!” This is really about creating chaos and disorder.  The endgame of what appears to be the female wing of Antifa (just saying) like their Marxist peers are out to do such harm that it will further alienate the sexes and others they claim to represent.



*NOTE: I could have just used the word, “men” but in the event a politically correct snowflakes happens upon this post, I am hoping the words, “male sex” and “male population” causes a massive explosion in the twisted brains of feminists, correction misandrists.

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