Cuomo unsettled over New York Sheriff’s decision to cooperate with ICE.

New York State’s Fascist Governor, Andrew Cuomo is unnerved that an upstate Sheriff has signed an agreement to co-operate with ICE law enforcement in defiance to Cuomo’s decision to shield illegal aliens by blocking ICE agents from doing their jobs.

Andrew Cuomo is an embarrassment,  to the state. Include, New York City’s Communist dirt bag Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York is two for two…for starters.

Ideological bureaucrats who like California’s Governor Moonbeam have long ago halted all representation of American citizens are outraged along with their illegal alien collaborators. So arrogant and full of disdain for Americans and our rule of laws which they wear as a badge of honor, they never saw Sheriff Patrick Russo from Rensselaer County, located upstate New York near Albany coming.

Fox News Insider

A New York sheriff is the first in his state to sign up for an ICE program that trains local law enforcement to vet immigration offenders and process them at the federal level.

According to ICE, the program “provides a four-week basic training program and a one-week refresher training program … conducted by certified instructors.”

The program is meant to help local police departments determine a suspect’s immigration status and whether they are wanted by ICE for a previous crime.

“We want someone to prevent [an illegal immigrant] from getting out before they’re recognized as being wanted,” Sheriff Patrick Russo said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends”[…]

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Sheriff Russo is a hero.  I pray that law enforcement agencies across New York will follow Sheriff Russo’s lead and stand up for the law alongside our ICE officers.

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