Dancing With The Stars: The Cirque du Soleil comes to town

The circus came to town for Week 4 of Dancing With The Stars. Cirque du Soleil provided the inspiration for each dance, with many of the pros opting to have Cirque performers doing their amazing acrobatics in the background. That was a poor decision for some of the dancers, who could not compete with colorfully costumed characters ignoring gravity in the background. Still, the music and costumes were both lovely and it was an enjoyable show.

Here’s the short rundown. Tonight (after the Veep debate) the show will eliminate two dancers. As always, I’ll present the stars in alphabetical order by first name.

Last week, Amber Rose and Maks danced a salsa that was fun but mostly featured Amber’s sizable rear assets. While scoring it, Julianne Hough said it made her somewhat uncomfortable to watch — which I understood to mean, not that Amber’s body was embarrassing, but that a salsa shouldn’t look like the prelude to a strip show. Amber promptly painted herself as a body-shamed victim and I lost whatever small interest I had in her.

I especially lost interest when I learned that “slut walks” are Amber’s big thing. I disapprove of slut walks. While men shouldn’t rape, women must have some responsibility for making themselves a less target rich environment — which means, in our American culture, not going into a dive wearing nothing but undies. Amber disagrees.

As for Amber’s dancing this week, her tango with Max was well done but I’ll be happy when this SJW leaves the show.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay danced the Charleston. I thought it was beautifully done and that they got short-changed by being first on the dance floor, which is when the judges usually score low. My sister thinks Calvin’s dancing lacks the panache that is the difference between someone just doing steps and someone who is a real dancer. She may well be right, but I consistently enjoy watching this big man move so gracefully.

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