July 22, 2018

Dancing With The Stars mixed big surprises in with predictable events

After watching even 20 minutes of Tim Kaine (it was like having my brain burned with acid), it was a relief to turn to Dancing With The Stars and learn which two teams were being cut. Before I name names, let me say that the right people went home. Either could have lasted another week, but neither was going to be in it for the long haul. The show also had a very unexpected (but nice) surprise, as well as beautiful dancing by the pros.

The first team to get the boot was the Babyface and Allison team. Considering the disastrous tango they danced on Monday, which was poorly choreographed and horribly danced, the likelihood that Babyface would stick around was nil. A sweet, gentle, talented guy, but not a dancer.

The second team to get the boot was the Vanilla Ice and Witney team. That rather saddened me because I’d grown to like Vanilla’s goofball charm — as well as the way he picked himself up from a decade of depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts. Vanilla is a man who, having hit bottom, seems to have made a conscious decision to be happy and live well. I admire that quality in a person.

But enough about that. There were actually more interesting things on the show than the fact that people who were inevitably going to be eliminated in fact were eliminated.

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