Dancing With The Stars, Week 8 review

Dancing With The Stars always goes all out for Halloween, and last night was no exception. Every single dance had a Halloween theme. I would be remiss, therefore, if I didn’t say that the dancers weren’t the only stars of the evening:  The people behind the scenes, the ones who do costumes and sets, also did a wonderful job. I was very impressed.

I actually didn’t watch the show last night because I was at the annual neighborhood Halloween party, which was great fun. We all assure each other every year that we look as young as ever, and then we catch up on our children, who are growing older but in the best possible ways. I therefore watched the dances today, without taking the time to watch the package (that is, the little human interest story about the rehearsal that precedes each dance).

For every team but for Terra Jolé, who whines too much, I regretted not seeing the package. For me, seeing the rehearsal a bit really adds dimension to the dances. Still, even without the human interest stories, I had a good time watching the people who have lasted this far into the season. Most of them look like real dancers now, and that really pings my “Getting It Right” meter.

So, here’s my rundown which, as usual, is in alphabetical order by the stars’ first names.

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