Those dangerous “holier than thou” #NeverTrumpers

Charles Krauthammer wrote a magnificent indictment of Hillary Clinton, only to finish up by saying, “I hate Trump too, so I’m sitting this one out.” What Dr. Krauthammer seems to have missed is that, in a world of binary choices, there is no sitting things out. If you don’t put your weight behind Choice A you’ve inevitably given more weight to those who support Choice B.

Speaking of choices, Wolf Howling has a few choice words on the subject of those “principled” #NeverTrumpers:

I am starting to become truly angry with those on the right who are staking out a purist position in the upcoming election, vowing not to vote, or to vote for someone with no chance of winning so that they can never be accused of voting for Trump. Krauthammer (see link, above) and Goldberg (G-file) are the latest today, I believe. In essence, they are ceding the field to Hillary, irrespective of the permanent, probably mortal, damage that would do to this nation.

One of the things that is becoming clearer to me is that these people are, in their own way, cowards. They want to sleep with a clear conscience rather than to deal with the world as it is. Up to this point in time, I thought that this was a characterization that defined only the progressive Left, a group that lives to claim the moral high ground, irrespective of consequence, leaving it up to the rest of us to deal with the world they leave in their wake. We’ve seen the results of that, from the destruction of African American families to a national security posture that is worse than anything we experienced since the 1930’s.

I hope these people don’t expect me to pay them any sort of respect, nor to count their opinions as of being of any value, when all of this is said and done. When they leave it to us to shoulder the burden of dealing with reality while they sleep in good conscience, they are as bad, as worthless, and as cowardly as the progressives. I hope that they are treated as such, regardless of how this plays out.

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