Death Of The Left

Death Of The Left

Article by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, 2016

“Thomas’ mind suddenly reeled at the measureless might of the Elite—ruthless—godlike, in its steel combination of kings, wealth, and world war machines. Great wealth could perform great miracles. Raze forests. Level mountains. Burst hills. Move armies across the Earth, and sail great fleets….But Is there more? His mind wandering, frightening him again…. (From “Victory Or Death,” a short story, by Jeffrey A. Friedberg, 2017)

And, like Thomas, above, some of our minds do reel at the measureless might of the so-called Elite.

We marvel at their vaulting ambition, their utter ruthlessness, their influence, their war machines, and their godlike abilities with more money than some national governments.

It has been estimated that the Rothschilds, alone—said to be one of this vaunted International Elite—may control up to ten Trillion dollars worth of assets.

And, by a further educative example, “With their current net worth, the Rockefeller family [of reputed Bilderberg fame] is considered as the 22nd richest family in the world in 2015.”

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly worth around $50 Billion, while Jeff Bezos comes in at around $77 Billion. Bill Gates edges Bezos out and hits the American record with a Grand Total of $79 Billion.

We also have lesser grandees, like Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch, David Koch, and others comprising a golden list of the top ten richest in America.

Okay. My point is, that you recognize these names, right? You should, because some or most of them seem to be almost constantly in the news, influencing governments and their policies, news outlets—the world wide propaganda machine—and entire societies; the world.

How come these people get to call up world leaders, influence global policy, make pronouncements in the world-wide media—as if they have discovered a cure for death—and you don’t?

It’s because they are part of the World Wide Elite. They have money, power, connections, and they are welcome with their stuff at all levels of government and global rule, because some will give away their stuff.

Some will give it away in one form or some other form—donations, influence, contacts, put on a notorious performance, or more—to politicians, empty talking heads, and suit-swathed wannabes.

They buy Power that way. They can thereby move their mountains, burst open their hills, and reap more and more of whatever treasure. Or personal aggrandizement, attention, or whatever else they might be seeking for themselves.

You know how this works. I don’t actually have to tell you; right?

But somebody’s got to say it—put it “out there,” live, on the Internet, as a matter on record. It might as well be me, and not somebody with something to actually lose. Okay, so what? Where am I going with this? First, that there really does seem to be a world-wide Elite. Second, that they do appear to wield considerable influence and power.

Oh…and third, that they have over-reached, over-reacted, and overplayed the hand dealt to them by Donald J. trump and the Trump Revolution. That they are on the verge of collapse, meltdown, and obliteration, because of Trump and Trumpers.

How can that be?

What—did you think they were winning, or something?

No, they’re not winning.

That’s the bullshit story shoveled at you by main scream media puppets. The lackeys, phonies, and frauds. The professional, multi-millionaire bullshit artists who make their shekels that way; who garner adulation and personal power that way—by licking the cross-training Nikes of the Elite, and “reporting” only what they are told to—and allowed to—“report.”

Because, almost everything you see and hear and read that comes from them is nothing more than a construct of what they want you to believe and think. It’s the false shell of a make believe world.

Like The Matrix.

You saw that one, right? If not, see it.

Oh…and you’ve read Orwell’s, “1984,” right?

Because, what they want to do is Control you, by whatever unreal, false “reality” they weave around you. They want to make a prison for your mind with their lies.

But they are not winning. Because—when normal people remember this stuff—they are not hardly listening anymore. Normal people don’t believe or even want to hear the lying hysterics being pumped out by the main scream media, like from a broken, New York, sewer main.

How many times can we hear the word, “Nazi,” applied to everything the Left doesn’t like? And the neverending, indiscriminate, creative bullshit made up and heaved at Donald trump and his family and administration, around the clock?

How much do we want to hear out of the mouths of Michael Moore, Maxine Waters, Schmuck Schumer, John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi, Madonna, Mark Zuckerberg, Harvey Weinstein—and all the rest?

Because, kids—the only thing that actually MATTERS, is what Trump actually, physically DOES.

Whatever people may say, think, speculate, or lie about doesn’t matter one tiny bit, in the end. No; not when we are playing with the big, real chips, and for keeps. Not when Trump is moving on Russia, North Korea, Iran, ISIS, and other Today Icons of Danger.

And trump almost never shows what he is really doing. You can’t hardly ever tell what he’s actually doing by what he shows you, or lets you see. He’s better than a magician.

And I trust in Trump and his methods.

Want to know why?

Because, for the most part, he does what any really good businessperson, or private eye, or cop, or any other slick operator does—what I did—when alone in a room with the opposition, or the target, or the subject of the con—or in a crowd—when the only thing that matters is smooth victory.

No repercussions. No charges pressed. And utter defeat for the Not-Me—the whoever or whatever.

This is why you don’t hear as much from the violent Left anymore. The riots, the political grandstanding, the marches, and the rest of their garbage. Because the Top Level has figured out that it’s not working on Trump or Trumpers.

No. There’s trouble in Left Wing City.

And right now, other than for some general “maintenance,” those disorganizing, anti-American forces have been recalled.

While the Top Level reassesses and reorganizes. The Top Level will have to try something else, and soon, as they try to create and take over their Marxist Islamist One World Wet Dream. You will know when they back down. Because they will begin to eat their own.

I mean—as in this foreign, billionaire, front-man they use. You know who—the one in the headlines all the time, with the pictures of that droopy, evil face?

When they reel him back; when they reduce his role and public appearances; when they blame and remove him; when they even maybe take him out—then you will know it has begun.

The long, slow, Confused Death Of the Left.

And its uncontrolled obliteration.


And well deserved.

And well met.


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  1. An interesting, appropriate and true quote from William Randolph Hearst (which is apparently on the wall of every MSM news room): “You can crush a man with journalism.”

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