The Debate – Trump’s Triumph


Tonight’s debate proved that the obituaries for Donald Trump’s campaign were…premature. No matter how the media tries to spin this, Donald Trump won hands down.

He did it by doing exactly what I predicted he was going to have to do:

Here’s how Trump wins if he’s learned from the first debate. He has to ignore the agenda that has been set up and calmly but clearly attack Mrs. Clinton where’s she’s vulnerable; on the e-mail scandal, the Clinton Foundation, her enabling of her sexual predator of a husband, and her repeated lies to the American people. He will, if he’s smart ignore the ‘moderator’s’ attempts to shush him and have some nice one line zingers of his own to respond to Mrs. Clinton. If he gets questioned about the twelve year old illegally leaked ‘sex’ conversation, he should respond that he’s already addressed that, and compared to the problems facing the country and compared to Mrs. Clinton’s history on women and her plan to allow thousands of unvetted Muslims into America, this is a non-issue.
In other words, he has to upset the carefully planned script Mrs. Clinton and the ‘moderators’ have arranged, go off script and tie things to his own talking points and agenda at every opportunity.

Like I said, the Donald’s a quick learner. That’s exactly what he did.

The two ‘moderators’ Anderson Cooper and Martha Radatz are partisan Democrats who did their very best to push Mrs. Clinton over the line. They allowed her to filibuster and go over her time and then refused to let Trump respond, something he pointed out live and on the air. They interrupted him far more than Mrs. Clinton, and more important than the number of interruptions was where they occurred. But their efforts were not as effective as they wanted them to be because Trump simply wouldn’t meekly follow their script. His answers always went back to his points he needed to make; Hillary’s e-mails, the Iran Deal, her serially corrupt behavior, her  being owned by the special interests, the failure of ObamaCare and her dishonesty.


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