The delusion that there is no war on law enforcement

The talking heads who insist that there is no war on law enforcement are either misinformed, spreading disinformation or delusional.

Race baiting Marxist ideologues such as Al Sharpton and company, George Soros the banker, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio, the enablers along with their mainstream media propagandists deny that there is a war on America’s law enforcement while at the same time fomenting anti-police rhetoric coupled with often unfounded allegations of racism and police brutality.

As a result of their disdain for police, funding and/or standing with domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter, the war waged on the streets of America against law enforcement is off the charts and steady rising.

Who to Blame?

A Commentary by Thomas Sowell (excerpt below) rightfully lays the blame at the feet of those generating a poisonous racial atmosphere that has overtaken the nation…

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