Democrat Congressman Lashes Out With Angry Diatribe Against Health Care Opponent at Meeting

Fascism – a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

scottI suggest that all bloggers start their posts out with little quotes describing the tactics and antics of Democrats that believe they have been elected to Congress to bully and threaten Americans that don’t share their narrow minded ideological fantasies.

The following video is of Georgia Congressman David Scott (DEMOCRAT) lashing out against Dr. Brian Hill, one of his constituents, for daring to ask a question about health care at a meeting. A couple of things to note here, the guy that asked the question is NOT a republican, he was not paid to ask a question, he is civil, he is a health care worker (a urologist), he repeatedly called Scott’s office to see if there was going to be a forum on health care to which the office replied no, the urologist is represented by Scott and is thus a constituent. Also notice how pompous Scott is in his demeanor and response.

When looking at the above video and thinking about the antics of Congressional Democrats and Obama’s White House I see more and more shades of fascism every day. As Democrats in Congress try to regiment and take over yet another private American industry they have taken to tactics that could only be explained as fascist in nature. Let’s think about recent history for a moment.

The White House has set up a web site and e-mail address for the explicit purpose of threatening and monitoring Americans that dare to use their free speech rights to voice their opinion on the Health Care proposal that is working its way through Congress.

Let me repeat that another way. The White House has asked Americans to snitch on their American neighbors by reporting any dissenting opinion to Der Leader.

Not coercive enough? Do you think that all the Americans that died defending the freedoms that this county affords ever thought they were defending the right of the American government to spy on critics of the administration using the same tactics as some of America’s most vile enemies throughout history?

Are you being threatening to the United States by saying you don’t want the government, YOUR GOVERNMENT, messing up your health care? Were these power hungry statists elected to set up e-mail boxes designed to keep tabs on your words? Did the government hire people to read your blog as the Daily Kosers and Huffington Poseurs report you? What are they planning to do with your “subversive thoughts”?

Democrats have resorted to stocking town halls with SEIU union thugs which have coincidentally turned violent as Obama’s union organizers resort to punching opponents of Obama’s message in the face, men and women (video at both links). Yet it is Democrats claiming that they have been threatened over health care. Really?

Joe Biden stated that it is your patriotic duty to give more of your tax money to the government. Your nationalist responsibility. Just so they can squander it more and give it to someone else. Someone else by the way that will vote for Democrats in return for their generosity. This is called buying votes. When they aren’t buying votes they are using your money to fund organizations that simply make up voter registrations (all innocent of course). When that isn’t good enough they allow members of the new Black Panther Party to sit outside polling stations with weapons.

Let’s not forget that YOU are a racist if YOU don’t agree with the policies of Barack Obama. You are a filthy Tea Bagger if you use your right of free speech to protest; for that the Speaker of the House tries to paint all of you as Nazis. You are mob.

They don’t have to act the way they are acting; but they are.

Nobody should be surprised by any of this. The Democrats are spiraling out of control as they get more desperate to shove their unpopular agenda on the American people. You have an opinion and they don’t have a right to tell you otherwise. It is guaranteed that these people will be their own worst enemies when challenged to defend their positions. They will be their own undoing if you simply keep up the pressure with thoughtful and factual dialogue.