Democrat or Decepticon?

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Decepticon Goal – Enslave and Punish!

As you know the House passed the Waxman-Malarkey cap-n-tax global warming bill thanks in part to 8 sellout Republicans that took money from environmental wackos in return for a vote that will cost American’s millions of jobs, further erode our nation’s competitive standing and suck more of the hard earned money you make from your family so it can be siphoned to friends of those in Congress.

But don’t believe me. The Heritage foundation took a look at the figures from both the EPA and the CBO and found that they vastly under estimated their numbers. These are the numbers being peddled as fact for your reference.

Today’s liberals however see the Heritage numbers as a conservative ploy. This is quite amazing considering that liberals of the past were entirely skeptical of the government, yet today they believe the propaganda being shoveled their way because an elected official with a D before his name says it’s OK to trust the government again. I am pointing this out to expose the hypocrisy of those that are too stupid to read the fine print.

This is the same group of people that fretted over the supposed Republican “culture of corruption” yet have no problem with a Democrat Congressman that hides $100,000 in cash in his freezer, Democrats in Congress that get caught cheating on their taxes, Democrats that produce lies about global warming, make them into movies and teach those lies to your kids via teachers that also don’t care about fact vs. fiction.

I wish that was the least of it.

Let’s not forget Rep. Jan Schakowsky, the Illinois ass that came swinging against tax day tea party participants although her husband plead guilty to tax violations and bank fraud. Or how about Diane Feinstein, the high profile Democrat that steered $25 million taxpayer dollars to a firm that awarded her husband a real estate contract. These people are the real czars of deceit and they all have one thing in common; an allegiance to Barack Obama, the lead Decepticon.

We are constantly reminded of this reality as we watch what is occurring right under our eyes at the executive level. President Barack Obama is saying one thing while doing another. Barack Obama, the Decepticon, talks of liberty, freedom and democracy yet he supports the illegal actions of exiled Honduran President Manuel Zelaya who tried to rewrite the Honduran constitution to allow himself another term as President. Putting himself squarely in line with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, Barack Obama re-characterized the actions of the Honduran Supreme Court as “a coup”; a misleading term at best, an intentional deceit at worst that was meant to sum up a complex situation with a leading characterization.

Meanwhile Barack Obama ignored the real threat to freedom and democracy occurring in Iran. His initial silence served as a message to Iran’s mullahs; “it’s ok, go for it, slaughter your students, arrest your protesters, hang  supporters of the opposition candidate”. After time Obama was forced to make a “powerful statement”,  wink, wink. Too little, too late.

Barack Obama then teamed up with ABC in a staged prime time event to peddle health care. If we don’t reform health care now it will be too late, he said. Meanwhile fact checkers are uncovering the trickery and deceit in those claims. Yet Brack Obama, the Decepticon continues his onslaught against American exceptionalism.

This is not even the tip of the iceberg. Barack Obama, the most powerful man in the world has only begun to recast America in the shadow of his Marxist upbringing. The Auto Industry takeover of GM and Chrysler, the Banking Industry, Wall Street salaries, Health Care “reform”, Education, Immigration, Energy and even the smallest minutiae down to zoning laws and building codes are all under attack; each which comes with their own special price tag for the American people in the form of a tax or simply piled on as part of the deficit.

Lastly let us not forget that Barack Obama has already appointed somewhere around 16 or 17 czars, and still counting.

Barack Obama, the Decepticon is even trying to take credit for the war in Iraq as if he had anything to do with securing the country. This is an unadulterated lie. Barack Obama and the Democrats did everything in their power, along with the mainstream media, to secure defeat in Iraq. They used this deceit as a ploy to win votes. People died because of their opposition.

We can’t stop this juggernaut without your help. Please read about these and other weasels by following the lead of the Watcher’s council. The following list is their submissions of articles that seek to expose the week’s biggest weasels. Join us on Friday for the winning entries.

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