In a gigantic, Racist exposee, when your pants and belt angle match, you’re toast - UNLESS YOU’RE A DEMOCRAT AND THEN YOU ARE “ABOVE THE LAW.” - WatcherOfWeasels.Org, and JAF IMAGES


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THIS IS PHOTOSHOPPED, but I don’lt think either of the the above are. – The Thing From Another World, and JAF IMAGES

TO BE A DEMOCRAT is apparently to be above the law. You can seemingly say and do ANYthing illegal, murderous, horrific, or just WHATever—and remain in high standing with supporters and enablers.

…50% Of Virginia Democrats Still Back Baby-Killing….

Mr. and Mrs. Virginia Democrat: You’ve just learned that your governor is in favor of allowing babies to be left to die, enjoyed the nickname “Coonman” in college, wore blackface as an adult, and has no idea whatsoever how in the world that blackface/KKK photo ended up on his own personal yearbook page.

Do you still support him?

Fifty percent still do.



…Hang out with a domestic terrorist?


Have his photo taken with Louis Farrakhan?


Have sex with a 21-year-old intern in the Oval Office just a few feet away from his wife and daughter? Nope.

Leave Americans to die in Benghazi? Nope.

Put Japanese Americans in internment camps? Nope.

Launch the war in Vietnam? Nope.

Lose a won war in Iraq? Nope.

Leave a woman to die under the water in your car? Nope.

Run all your State Department emails through a secret, unsecured server located in your bathroom? Nope.


Apparently, Democrats are allowed to get away with ANYthing.

Who allows this?

Their propaganda juggernaut, the so-called MSM or Mainstream Media does. Because “other” Democrats either believe media liars, or just don’t care about anything negative concerning their “representatives.” This—in my opinion—makes all such Democrats BAD.

What is the punishment?

NOTHING. Democrats get a free pass. Their seeming bounty of Evil appears Limitless.

How did all this happen? And “so fast?”

It didn’t happen fast.

THE PARTY of death

It took over a hundred years, beginning around the turn of the 20th Century. And then following World War II, protective gates to the city were blown down, when the USA retreated from victory and world supremacy.

Then the rubble was flattened and hauled away, clearing a path. America next made it a crime to stop, seek out, and punish infiltrators, saboteurs, and others who wanted the Country destroyed.

As Leonid Brezhnev said, paraphrasing him: when Communism comes to America, it will come from within America. Leonid Brezhnev was leader of the Soviet Union from 1964 until his death in 1982.

America in the 1970s and thereafter paralytically allowed its body to be infiltrated, gnawed, and parasitically infested. It has been attacked by moles in high places, subversion, terror, conspiracy, and anarchy.

The vaunted FBI, Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even the Presidency itself were affected. Power, influence, and conspiratorial, fundamental transformation were initiated and enforced. This happened under cover of twisted words, propaganda, and direction by powerful forces and stooges who held the reins.

A fifth column marched where there should have beeen only four. Disguised manipulators and destroyers of American truth and tradition had control and spread out, unnoticed by a lulled American public.

In recent times, all of these negative forces were unleashed at once—with seeming impunity. It only took one person who ran with their own brand of protective  mimicry like some insect pretender. Disguised as “the ones we have waited for,” undercover forces now had a face, an open campaign, and sails set to the wind, they forged ahead to win. They relentlessly followed an Obama they had created themselves out of nothing. Like some golden calf.

There are hundreds if not thousands of examples I cannot cite herein due to the limited nature of this article. However, be assured I shall return to these sordid matters in the future.

The attack on America is an onslaught. It’s become a political tsunami because Democrats smell blood in the water. This may be their last chance and they are pulling the dam’s plug.

Only one brave man seemingly stands in their way. One man seemingly confounds their every major step. But that one man is limited in even what mountains he is able to blow down. Donald Trump is not being backed up by Republicans.

Where are the damned Republicans?

Too many Republicans and Democrats are now involved in the deception at too many levels. The Deep State. The Clinton Crime Family. Meaningless “investigations” meant to entrap and terrorize.

Exposure and prosecution would probably bring down the entire world of governments, international bankers, rulers, and their enforcers. World conflagration could result. It therefore bears careful footsteps. Nobody wants a world in flames.

Democrats have sunken very far indeed from the old days of a JFK, Hubert Humphrey, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan. These reasonable Democrats would be tossed out, attacked, and destroyed, today. They would be obliterated by a New Democrat Marxist Party.

Democrats: the party of destruction and death.

The first image that came to mind after viewing the 2019 expression of exultant joy by New York Democrat representatives when Governor Cuomo called for a constitutional amendment to shore up abortion for New Yorkers was the 1939 jubilation by the German Reichstag when Hitler asserted that the end of world Jewry was his ultimate goal.

In both cases, the elation was about death.

It is not really surprising, since it is becoming patent that the “D” in Democrat stands also for “destruction.”

Democrats may couch their destructive tendencies in euphemisms like “social justice” and “women’s rights,” but one thing is clear: there is no objection from any Democrats as the party embraces the most radical left-wing ideology, meant to result in the demise of America….

…It extends to each issue the Democrats embrace. Every city that has come under Democrat control is proof positive that instead of raising the standard of living for the occupants, the city falls to crime, gangs, and drugs.  In fact, “America is awash with troubled, dysfunctional cities that have been electing Democrat mayors for decades….”

…Success is to be destroyed; advancement is to be suppressed.  Babies are expendable. Hubris under the cloak of social justice slogans runs amok.


An openly Marxist Democrat Party makes fun of President Trump’s efforts to control America’s own borders. It wants open borders, a 70% tax on “the rich,” whoever they are, free college tuition, free this, free that—free dope, and a chicken in every pot.

Democrats call for the murder of babies who survive being murdered. They state they want destruction of private insurance companies and plans, redistribution of YOUR income to “the needy,” and medicare for everybody.

The openly Marxist Democrat Party seems to proclaim that for some reason it wants “LGBTQ” doctrine made law of the land, and the so-called, “gay mafia” in charge of schools, industrial relations, show business, news input, and a lot more. They even want “gay” counseling— words —criminalized.

Like Islam and Muslimhood, Democrats want the world arranged so you can enter their program but never leave.

For example,  “You can get into homosexuality and transgender behavior anytime you like, but you can never leave – they will see to that.” —TownHall.Com

By controlling and twisting the English language, and hiding behind it, Democrats have fundamentally transformed the word “conspiracy.”

If a Republican or conservative says something Democrats don’t like, it’s shot down as a laughable, stupid,  “conspiracy theory.”

But if Democrats themselves say or do something—it’s never a “conspiracy.” Democrats always, “only want to hep’ you….”

Yet—if something Democrat is real, then it ain’t no damn conservative “theory.” If they’re really out to get you, it’s not “paranoia.”

Democrats revere insane policies and make them Law. New York State just did so with its abortion bill that kills full-term babies as they are being born. New York’s legislature cheered en masse as this bill was passed.

Somebody should arrest and prosecute them for murder.

Such laws are a totalitarian assault on free speech, client self-determination, parental rights, religious freedom and the universal understanding of male-female complementarity found in every culture and every major religion.  They constitute an open attack on the Judeo-Christian morality that undergirds our country’s commitment to liberty under law….

…the Left in America has gone off the rails….

…It’s hard to keep up with the tsunami of cultural and economic insanity thundering through a thousand outlets every day, but here’s a try.  You thought Vermont’s Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders was radical?  Current Democratic leaders start with his views and go further left.


By controlling practically all comments from mass communications media—from news, entertainment, sports, Hollywood, movies, TV, and everywhere else—the Democrat Socialist Marxist Left controls what “reality” is portrayed, what is permitted to be stated or shown, and ANYthing else it wants.

With willing stooges like Carrey, Reiner, Moore, Streisand, Goldberg, DiNero, Arnold, and others—America is easily confused and misled by artificial heroes and heroines. By make-believe people and pretenders.

But, these travesties are now spilling over all barriers of decency, truth, justice, and America.


Now Democrats even mix their own metaphors, phrases, and scenarios. Now Black is white—and white is black, is bad, is Trump, is stupid, is evil, and whatever else they say it is.

Now they don’t even have a united or uniting theme. What they have are tales, inuendo, terror, and ritual human sacrifice. A new religion.

Bill Maher Mocked Black GOP Congressman’s CIA Service With Racist Insult

…flash-forward to last Friday night, where [Mahr] asked Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), why he was a Republican. Hurd gave his reasons, which Maher dismissed because that’s what he does, and then mocked Hurd’s career in the CIA.

Maher said that the GOP was no longer good on national security because Trump is a traitor. Then, he asked the congressman what’s in it for him, citing his work in the CIA.

Hurd said he was the man collecting intelligence in the back alley from sourcing trying to keep us safe, where Maher made his racist quip, “by the Popeye’s [fried] Chicken”(via Daily Beast):


It’s not that Democrats “can’t help it.”

There’s nothing to be “helped.”

Democrats are the party of illegals, invasion, mayhem, and death. Add to that subversion, destruction, and anti-Americanism. Lies. Obstruction. Jihad. Insanity. That’s what’s running for President in 2020.

A party with nothing to offer.


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