Democrats Win In Florida and Arizona?



BUT, What about Auntie Ruth?

I have a confidential source of information in the hospital..  A taxidermist was seen entering Ruth Vader-Ginsboig’s room.

“Prop Vader-Ginsboig up in her courtroom chair. It’s wired with tiny motors, fishing line, and sound, and she can continue pretending to be a judge…just don’t let any of the stuffing come out.”


Here’s some other matters needing attention this Friday an Obama appointed Judge has halted the XL Pipeline claiming that governmental environmental studies were not done properly.  The left is thrilled.  Now it will be held up, no jobs, $$ wasted and probably go to the Supreme (Extreme) court.

A teacher in Arizona found a large box containing ballots in a classroom.  No fraud here.  100% on the up and up.  Haha. Florida is not counting votes…they are looking for votes.

Provisional votes need to be counted. By LAW, this had to be done by Wednesday…it’s now Friday…time for hanky panky.

PREDICTION:  Dems will win the Senate seat and the Governorship in Florida and the Senate seat in Arizona.  This will reduce the Repub majority in the Senate to 51, a plurality of one vote.  With Collins, Murkowski, etc., we are in deep doo doo.

ANALYSIS:  It was never about the House…that was a distraction…it was about the Senate all along for the following reason:  Judges.

Judges need to be approved by the Senate and by the looks of this, trouble is coming.  The longtime dream of the communists in the Senate was to be able to place “Their” judges in place and turn the Judiciary into a branch of the Legislative where judges would “Legislate” from the bench and give cover and assistance to all things leftist. Like the judge who shut down the pipeline at the behest of the environmentalists (Communists.)

Through the corrupt voting practices in Arizona and Florida, the left has successfully ensured that President Trump will be hard pressed to get judicial nominations through.

ESPECIALLY to the Supreme Court.



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