Desperate Democrats Grasp At Straws

Poll after Poll suggests bad news for the Democrats and the administration of Barack Obama. (The newly appointed Camelot).

These are the good times that President Barack Obama’s campaign of Hope and Change ushered in. For the American people in the land of reality these polls indicate a new era of malaise as the Democrats and Barack Obama pave a new crisis in confidence modeled after their hero Jimmy Carter.

In  reaction to such somber news the Democrats and their supporters on the radical left have entered desperation mode. They are grasping at straws in desperation, attacking the CIA, staging fake hate crimes at Democratic headquarters to gin up support for Obamacare (and blaming Republicans on the crime before the lefty SEIU associate was caught after it was learned that the fake hate crime attacker/plant actually worked for a Democrat politician), underestimating the GDP with 10 year debt projects $1.9 trillion less than the actual projections, creating an internet snitch brigade, seeking to rename the Democrat Health Bill as the Kennedy Memorial Health Bill (proving Rush Limbaugh right!). This is the short list on the heels of calling Town Hall protesters brown shirts, implying they were similar to Nazi’s and were un-patriotic and un-American.

Shameful doesn’t begin to describe what has become of Congress and the Office of the Presidency.

Let’s not forget however that Weasels are everywhere! The following articles comprise this week’s submissions for the weekly Watcher of Weasels contest seeking the best articles that expose the biggest weasels for this week. Please read, pass on and most of all, enjoy!

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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