Did Trump Flip Flop On Amnesty? Not Even Close, And Here’s The Proof

Trump just scored a major coup today, whether people realize it or not

Much has been made about a supposed ‘flip flop ‘ on amnesty for illegal aliens by Donald Trump.

This is sheer horse manure for the #nevertrumpers to wallow in, like they were actually going to vote for him anyway. Trump isn’t remotely selling ‘amnesty.’ Not even close.

What Trump has always said is that he wants a priority on border control (please look up what that word ‘priority’ means), that he wants to enforce our current immigration laws vet who’s here and establish criteria for who gets deported and who qualifies to stay with some kind of legal status. He’s not saying anything different in the clip above. Ann Coulter has been right about a lot of things, but she’s vastly overreacting here. I’d expect that kind of thing from the #nevertrumpers, a certain loathsome senator from Texas and the folks at places like the NRO and CNN.

Let’s look at what Trump actually had to say, in full. And why it matters:

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