Weasel Alert! Is Chris Dodd Really Earl Sinclair?

Speaking of weasels, the resemblance is uncanny!

Hell, they are both actors (only one is authentic).
Spotted after making his deal with Countrywide Mortgage.
Dodd with Pelosi
Going to work; getting ready to take back those bonuses he approved!
Posing with his constituents. It's all for the kids! (or is it poseur?)

This explains a lot!

Update: Speaking of weasels, 85 House  Republicans voted alongside Democrats to use our tax system as a retroactive punishment. The precedent is set. These “public servants” don’t deserve your vote IMHO, no matter how conservative they pretended to be in the past. It is not about the bonuses to AIG. This is about destroying businesses in the United States. No longer is the contract protected by law; not if Congress can simply retroactively legislate away millions in a move to counteract earlier legislation that approved the contract. Who the hell would want to invest in U.S. companies under the threat of this kind of attack by our own government? We are surrounded by a cabal of fools.

Don’t get me wrong, these bonuses are outrageous. But one would think that Washington is full of lawyers that could find a loophole preventing bailout money from being used to bonus executives of companies that failed. Finding a way to contort the tax system, retroactively, is a colossal mistake. It is reported that not all employees of AIG are U.S. citizens and hence not subject to U.S. taxes; at least not in the same way. What happens to those people?

I hope every red cent that is sent to support these crap weasels dries up like a dessert. It is way past time to kick the bums out.